New Year’s Resolutions: Work Out While at Home With These Essentials

New Year’s Resolutions: Work Out While at Home With These Essentials

It’s no secret: many of us will be ringing in the New Year a bit differently than last year. That doesn’t mean your New Year’s resolutions have to change. You might have set some goals to eat healthier and work out more once the New Year rolls around. If you’re opting to work out from home, why not update your workout apparel and gear?

There are plenty of online services and programs available for you that’ll make working out from home easy. If you’re looking for suggestions for comfortable, practical, and stylish apparel and sneakers to wear while working out, keep reading. We'll also recommend the best gear to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Round Out Your Closet With Basics

Update your workout apparel lineup with fresh basics. A comfy new sports bra in a chic color will make practicing your poses on the mat feel even more rewarding. Make sure to choose a bra that fits you perfectly, since you want to support and strengthen your body without any distractions while you're practicing your downward dog. Look out for the features that are the most convenient for you. Compression, crisscross back, pullover, racerback, front or back clasp, underwire, moisture-wicking, adjustable straps, removable padding, and integrated padding are all functional options to consider. 

Also, freshen up other basics like women’s tank tops and women’s t-shirts. There are so many hues, patterns, and designs that’ll make working out more appealing. Active long-sleeve tops are a must-have for those who are serious about pushing to achieve their fitness goals. The following workout top features will affect your comfort level: moisture-wicking technology, ventilation, breathable fabric, and stretch fabric. Pick the fit that works best for you. Rock an edgy crop top, a breezy oversized silhouette, or a fitted top depending on your mood and workout for the day. 

Sweat It Out in Comfy Layers

If you need an extra layer a warmth, especially if you’ll be taking breaks between workout sessions outside or walking around the neighborhood, invest in some sweatshirts and hoodies for women.

Lightweight pullover, quarter-zip, and full-zip jackets and track jackets provide an extra dose of warmth when you need it. Not only do sleek, sporty jackets look cool, but they are also available in multiple colorways and designs with functional features. Look for the following features that’ll give you an edge when working out: odor control, moisture-wicking, cozy brushed fabric, and convenient pockets. Athletic styling has never been easier!

Put on Anything-But-Boring Bottoms

Leggings are so versatile that not only can you wear them while working out, but they’re stylish enough to wear while out and about. Most women’s workout leggings have a comfortable stretch fabric that makes moving in them no issue. Plus, leggings go with all of your workout tops. From solid to ombre leggings, you’ll have fun styling and working out in your rotation of leggings.

Leggings are fitted, but if you want pants with a looser fit, track pants and yoga pants are your best bet. Crop, capri, or full-length, these pants feel just as comfortable as leggings and are also available in solid colorways and funky patterns. Regardless of pant type, many active pants feature moisture-wicking technology, an elasticized waistband, odor control, and UPF protection. And for warmer days, pull on some active stretch shorts or a skort.

If you want a bit more warmth, sweatpants will keep you cozy, especially sweatpants lined with fleece. Sweatpants are especially ideal for quick brisk walks on days you’re longing for fresh air. Make sure yours have pockets for your house keys!

Step Into Comfortable Kicks

Lace up some stylish sneakers to kick your workout game up a notch. There are so many types of sneakers from top-notch brands, so you may not know where to begin. Start with the features that matter the most to you. Sole cushioning, closure type, traction, flexibility, and overall visual design can help make your decision easier. Don’t forget your socks! The right socks can make or break your workout experience. Find a pair with elastic so they won't slip as you move around. 

Upgrade Your Gear for the Win

Upgrade your workout accessories and gear (depending on the type of workouts that interest you). First, let’s cover the accessories, like your water bottle. Plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass are all materials you can choose from, all with their own benefits. Also, pick the right size depending on how much water you think you’ll need, the most convenient lid or straw type, and the most comfortable shape or design for you. Some water bottles are easier to clean than others, and some have other cool features liked an attached carabiner, an eco-friendly design, a collapsible design, and an infuser.

Remember other essentials, like towels, a yoga or exercise mat, and weights. Finally, research any expensive equipment you may need first before investing in them. Make sure you know for sure what equipment you’ll need to help you break a sweat, like a treadmill or stationary bike.

Many sites categorize to make shopping for the best fit for you a breeze, such as plus-size clothing, petite apparel, and men’s big & tall clothes. With our suggestions, you’ll reach those fitness goals in style. Working out from home will require some dedication. Put it on your schedule if you need a bit of a push. Perhaps start a virtual buddy system so you can connect with others and stay on track. With the right active apparel, accessories, and gear, you will reach your goals. You got this!

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