Home Office Upgrades: The Christmas Edition

Home Office Upgrades: The Christmas Edition

Spruce up your home office this holiday season with some Christmas decorations and organizational solutions. A few upgrades can increase the comfort level of your workspace and may even give your productivity a boost. Consider the following ideas:

Cut the Clutter

Before cleaning or decorating, it’s a good idea to rid your home office of any clutter. Grab a garbage bag and toss anything that needs to go. If you’re undecided about certain items, place them in a tote for the time being. Using stackable totes is a way to increase storage while saving space.

Decluttering can be an uplifting activity, and it’s always a good idea before decorating for the holidays. Dress for the occasion in comfy sweats that allow you to move freely, or wear corduroy leggings with a tunic top for an outfit that’s both comfortable and business-casual.

Do a Deep Clean

Cleaning your home office is another task that calls for women’s loungewear. Work from top to bottom when cleaning — dust the ceiling, walls, and surfaces first. Then, sweep or vacuum depending on what kind of floor you have. Hard floors can be mopped after removing dust and dirt. If your home office is equipped with windows, clean the glass and wash your curtains or drapes.

Organize Work Essentials

As previously mentioned, stackable totes can help you organize your home office by providing storage for books, papers, and other items. If you need lots of storage, invest in a filing cabinet that meets your needs. Filing cabinets can be painted to coordinate with your home office decor, and they come in multiple sizes to suit most office spaces.

Canvas storage bins are a functional, fashionable option for the home office — or any other room. They can be tucked into the closet or displayed beneath a sideboard. Use them to hold most anything, from office supplies to household linens.

Impart Holiday Cheer with a Christmas Tree

If you think your home office is too small for a Christmas tree, think again. Even if you’re working with limited space, you can find a tree that’s the right size. There are miniature trees for small desks that you can decorate with Christmas ornaments for a festive look. Christmas tree skirts can be used with larger trees to conceal the base of the tree and add seasonal style to the room.

There are so many ways to decorate a Christmas tree. You can go rustic with wooden ornaments or create a glam look with glass ornaments adorned with glitter. Personalized Christmas ornaments come in various holiday shapes and add a special touch to your tree. If you want ornaments that coordinate with any décor, you can’t go wrong with classic pewter.

Decorate Your Desk

Whether or not you decide to add a Christmas tree to your home office, you can decorate your desk to add a holiday look. A simple adornment such as a Christmas-tree-shaped candle is all it takes to impart seasonal flair to your workspace. If you’ve received Christmas cards, display them on your desk, the wall, or a shelf for an easy holiday decoration. Another way to decorate the room is with a holiday floral arrangement featuring evergreen boughs and other wintry botanicals. Poinsettias are a classic holiday decoration, and they come in faux versions for homes with pets and/or small children.

Go Bold with a Red Accent Rug

One of the easiest ways to decorate your office for the holidays is with a Christmas rug. You can choose one with a holiday print or simply add a bright red accent rug to the space for cheery color. An accent rug is an excellent addition to hard floors, although you can even place one over carpet to change the look. Coordinate your red accent rug with red Christmas ornaments, or choose one of the many Christmas wreaths featuring red holly berries or poinsettia flowers to adorn the door or wall.

Just Add Amenities

Enjoy a luxurious workspace with a few easy-to-implement upgrades, such as a fleece throw tossed over your chair and a crystal bowl filled with Christmas candies. Stash scented lotion in your desk and treat yourself to a hand massage when you need a break from work, and don’t forget to treat your feet with a pair of slippers lined with Sherpa or flannel.

Speaking of flannel, designate a day where you work in a pair of super-soft flannel pajamas. There are pajama pants and tops suitable for wearing in your home office—they come in holiday-themed colors and prints and are woven from brushed flannel to keep you warm and comfortable all day.

A Few Additions Go a Long Way

You don’t have to make a lot of changes to upgrade your home workspace to make a positive difference. Simply by reducing clutter and adding a few decorations, you’ll be ready for a cozy and cheerful holiday season.


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