Staycation Tips for the Holiday Season

Staycation Tips for the Holiday Season

One way to get the most out of your holiday break is to plan for a staycation. Avoiding holiday travel means you can stay home — or close to it — and focus on enjoying each other's company. You'll be able to save money, too, which might help you snag those few items on which you'd been holding out. 

Make a Plan (or Don't) 

Make the most out of every day by making a plan for your staycation. If the whole family will be on break at the same time, survey everyone to see if there's one big thing they've been hoping to do this holiday season. Since you won't be losing a couple of days on travel, you'll have plenty of time to address their wish lists. Whether you choose to map out each day's meals, activities, movies, or games, you'll feel prepared and totally at ease once your staycation rolls around. 

Planning ahead and creating a daily activity schedule isn't for everyone. If your family has a love for lounging, take all the pressure off and make just one plan: to relax. Grab your comfy clothing or matching family pajamas and prepare for a snoozefest. Let everyone do what they don't normally have time for, from learning new recipes to bingeing their favorite show. Getting a break from reality and taking some time to rest is a great way to spend a staycation. 

Spend (Limited) Time Online

Encourage everyone to put their phones and computers away for most of the day. Think up alternatives ways to interact with the latest in technology. Activities like exercising, reading, or crafts can be integrated through devices via early holiday presents like fitness trackers, book of the month subscriptions, or online courses in embroidery or knitting. That way, you and your family can reshape the way you use the internet and all the enrichment it can really bring. 

If there are members of the family you wish you could see this holiday season, set up just one video call for everyone to join. That way, you don't have to negotiate or coordinate multiple calls each day, and you won't be playing phone tag with people you miss dearly. If you have little ones in the house, get them excited for the holidays by letting them know you can track Santa's journey on Christmas Eve. Both NORAD and Google's Santa trackers have games, learning, and videos to explore all season long. 

Create a Home Spa Day

Everyone benefits from self-care, so consider setting up a day for everyone to pamper themselves. You can create your own spa day with just a few thoughtful touches. First, be sure you have the softest, coziest bath towels. Next, pick up a couple of candles in scents you know everyone loves. The bathroom might be too small for the whole family to fit, so you can plan for different stations around the house. Foot soaks and face masks in the bathroom, sugar scrubs and cucumber water in the kitchen, and a foot massager that gets passed around in the living room are just a few ways to approach this fun family activity. 

Consider everyone in the family and what you know they crave. Is it chocolate or cuddling? Try to be sure that each person gets a little bit of everything on your spa day, but don't stress too much. This day is just as much about you as it is them! Set aside some time that's just for you to read, soak, or paint your nails. Grab your comfy throw blankets and get ready to snuggle up for a relaxing evening with family after a day of self-care.  

Rent a Cabin

If you want to stick around town, but you're feeling a little cooped up at home you can always plan a staycation away from the house. We suggest renting a cozy cabin for that quintessential holiday feeling, though whatever sparks your joy is your best option. You don't need to spend your entire break there — even a long weekend can help you feel refreshed and renewed. 

You can even take a weekend just for yourself if that's what you want. Grab your women's weekender bag and take some time for you. With most rentals through sites like VRBO and Airbnb, there's a cleaning fee included in your overall price. While it's kind to tidy up after yourselves, you can leave easy knowing that someone will be coming in after you. This is your staycation, after all. 

Be Productive (If You Want To)

A staycation is an incredible opportunity to start working on projects that you don't have time or energy for during the normal workweek. When you go away for vacations, all your time is spent outside the home — you might feel relaxed, but you might also realize halfway through that you still haven't winterized your tires. 

Projects can be practical, like cleaning out gutters or redoing your kitchen floors. But you can also loop in the family by doing something everyone's been hoping to do: adopt a pet! New pets demand a lot of love and attention when they first come home, and a staycation is a perfect time to bring them home and settled in. Grab the cutest dog bed you can find and grow your family with your new fur baby. 

A staycation is a celebration of the life you already live and really taking a moment to revel in what you don't normally have time to do. Plan your staycation this holiday season and enjoy some extended family time making memories together.

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