Holiday Photo Ideas with Matching Pajamas

Holiday Photo Ideas Featuring Your Matching Family Pajamas

If you want to send holiday cards photos featuring your family wearing matching family pajamas, there is still plenty of time, thanks to print-and-send services that make posting holiday cards quick and easy! We have some cute, charming, and downright funny ideas for your family’s photo in their matching pajamas, so if you’re still trying to think of what to do for your holiday cards, or thought you would skip them this year but have changed your mind, we can help!

Getting the Shot

If you don’t have a go-to family photographer, you still have options for capturing the perfect image! There are probably plenty of local photographers who offer everything from full at-home sessions to popular “mini-sessions,” where they will photograph your family for fifteen minutes or so. Mini sessions are my family’s personal favorite, because the behavior of young children and pets won’t hold up well over hours of sitting for photos. Relaxed pictures taken quickly may better capture your family, anyhow.

Everyday cell phones now have excellent cameras, so if you are truly going spur-of-the-moment or don’t care to invest in a family photo session right now, you can still get amazing photos! If you have a friend with a great eye, or one of those little cell-phone-camera remotes and a tripod, you are all set. The only thing you really sacrifice with this method of capturing family photos is professional photo editing, but with a little luck you can get a few snapshots that require nothing more than a careful cropping and perhaps color enhancement. Go ahead and give it a try—you might find a new hobby into the bargain!

Great Holiday Card Family Photo Ideas

• In front of the Christmas tree. It’s classic, pretty, and easy to organize

• Ranged on the sofa. This is a lot like the Christmas tree photo—a classic that’s easy to stage and capture.

• In front of the fireplace. If you want to make this humorous, capture the 70s vibe that so many of us remember from childhood. Stand in order of height and everyone hold a stuffed animal!

• Outdoor shots. These can be as staid or as wild as you like! The whole family in their holiday pajamas, with the addition of snow boots, unisex scarves and unisex hats, building a (previously completed) snowman if you’re lucky enough to have snow, or gathered around a fire, or posed on the outdoor furniture where you usually enjoy lemonade in the heat. The key to these is either living in a relatively mild climate or the ability to get a good shot, fast!

• In the kitchen. You can be sweetly decorating cookies or dealing with a major, messy mishap, whichever best suits your family and sense of humor. Getting ready for a funny shot by throwing flour around and spilling sprinkles might be the best part!

• Gathered around the piano. If you are lucky enough to have a family member who plays, this is an ideal family photo! The musician can be seated at the keyboard with others gathered ‘round. Silly mugs and Santa hats are totally optional.

• Over a board game. Especially if your family actually plays games together, this can be particularly charming. Depending on the size of your family, you might choose chess or Monopoly or Exploding Kittens—it’s up to you! But a photo centered around a board game can be as elegant or as hilarious as you want, and will give a glimpse into what your family enjoys.

• With the pets. Taking a family photo featuring the family pets really depends on the kind of pets you have. Horses require a different set-up than hedgehogs! Dogs require their own considerations, as well: it’s easier to get a cute shot of a Shih Tzu than a Greyhound, although they are equally beautiful, companionable dogs. Including a whole menagerie may take some doing, but a photo with family pets is always good to have as time goes by, and recipients will enjoy seeing the creatures they usually only hear stories about.

• In a bed. Imagine the whole family in their holiday pajamas, piled into a king-size bed, cozy with flannel sheets, holiday throws and holiday-themed pillows. Dickensian nightcaps and oversize candy canes could make this funny rather than sweet—the choice is yours! This photo could easily be taken in a hotel, as well, so that you needn’t worry about enough space and correct lighting in your own room.

• Out in public. This one really depends on how much moxie your family members have! But imagine the family, in their holiday jammies, standing in line at a coffee shop, playing miniature golf, or visiting a Christmas tree farm. How far will they go? This is not for the faint of heart, but it can be so, so funny and makes a lot of great memories!

It’s not too late to get a great holiday photo of your family

Whether your family is you and your cat, you and your spouse, you and your three best friends, or you and your traditional nuclear family; we have matching family pajamas for everyone! And with a print-and-send service, you can easily make that photo into a card and get them out in plenty of time for the holiday, so don’t feel like you’ve already missed the proverbial boat. Family pajamas are for every kind of family, and your loved ones will enjoy a photo that expresses who you are as a family, whether that’s very traditional or very, very silly!


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