What to Wear to A Holiday Party

What to Wear to a Holiday Party

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! Friends, families, and colleagues gather around this time every year to give thanks and celebrate each other with gifts, decorations, and party games! No matter what your holiday party has in store for you, choose an outfit that makes you feel and look good. From sparkles and glitz to glitter and glam, a holiday party is the perfect time to dress with some extra pizzazz. Whether you’re hosting, attending, or bringing kids to a holiday party, you’ll want to dress to impress. Break out the clothes you’ve been looking for an excuse to wear but haven’t found the right occasion! You’ll want to be cute, cozy, and comfy no matter where your holiday party takes you, so this year, plan ahead and dress for success to every holiday party you’re invited to!

Dress Cute and Festive

For any holiday party, you’ll need to dress festive for the occasion! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, New Year’s Eve, or something else, you can dress to your specific occasion or dress generally nice. If you’re going to a Christmas party, maybe a Christmas sweater would be your best bet! If it’s a Hanukkah party, blue or white are the best colors to wear to stick to the holdiay theme. If you’re not sure what the holiday you’re celebrating entails, do some internet research! If you can’t figure out how to theme to your specific holiday, just dress fancy! Gold, silver, and black are always classy options that will have you looking sleek and feeling great. When in doubt, just dress fancy. Remember, a party is supposed to be fun, so just wear clothes that you look and feel good in!

Dress for the Weather

Another way to dress for success for any holiday party is to dress for the weather! The holidays fall in the winter, so most of your outfits will need to take layers into consideration. From snow, sleet, and ice to temperatures that fall below zero, you’ll need women’s winter coats to stay warm and arrive at your party safe and dry. Who cares what awesome outfit you’re wearing if you don’t keep it protected from the elements when you’re outside? What good is a pretty party dress that you have to change out of as soon as you arrive because it’s soaked? Choose your outfit from head to do to prepare for whatever weather is ahead of you! If it’s snowing out, you probably won’t want to wear high heels. If it’s below freezing, you’ll probably need leggings or tights under your dress! Check the forecast before you choose your outfit, and be ready to adapt it to stay comfy no matter the weather.

Dress for the Event

Sometimes, holiday parties will have a specific event or activity to participate in. Christmas caroling, ice skating, or looking at holiday lights are all great party activities that you might indulge in. If you’re heading for a winter activity, dress to that! You can’t wear sandals on a walk through the snow, you’ll need winter boots. Think of your outfit like any other crucial piece of the party. If you’re going to a holiday gift party, you’ll need to show up with a present, right? It’s the same mentality. Dress so you look good, feel good, and can participate in whatever the party activities are. If everyone else at the party is wearing evening gowns, you’ll feel pretty silly if you show up in leggings, sweats, or joggers. The same can be said for not dressing to participate! You won’t have any fun if you’re left sitting out in the cold because you wore the wrong shoes or your dress isn’t long enough. Ultimately, it’s better to feel good than look good when one means you won’t even be able to participate! Plus, luckily, it isn’t too hard to do both.

No matter what your party entails this season, celebrate the holidays in style! If you’re not sure what to wear to your festivities, dress for the winter season, to a specific holiday you’re celebrating, or for whatever your event activities will be. You can’t be unprepared for a party that you’ve planned ahead for, so choosing an outfit for any holiday party just takes a little foresight. Make this holiday season your best ever by dressing to impress and for success at your holiday parties. Whether you’re a host, a guest, or anything in between, you’ll look and feel great.


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