5 Gifts to Give at the Next Office Holiday Party

5 Gifts to Give at the Next Office Holiday Party

The holiday office party is an annual celebration. You may look forward to it simply for the opportunity to let loose and have some fun with your coworkers. It’s also a great excuse to unwind after months and months of hard work. Think of it as a well-deserved fete for all of your efforts these past few months. If part of the festivities includes exchanging gifts, however, you might be uncertain about what to bring. Chocolate? Hand towels? An ornament?

Turns out almost anything goes when it comes to this season of gift-giving. Of course, it helps to stick with practical and thoughtful gifts that you’re relatively sure anyone who receives the item will enjoy. Quirky gifts can bring smiles, but it’s always nice to give something that won’t end up in a pile of clutter. So what’s the right choice for the upcoming office holiday party? Here are five ideas to keep in mind.

Give the Gift of Food

You can never go wrong when you give something tasty, especially when it offers a bit of festive flavor, too. Shopping Christmas kitchen and dining departments are guaranteed to yield a few delicious options. You can give a tin of mouth-watering cookies or chocolate bark, for example, or some seasonal chocolates.

If you happen to be a culinary enthusiast, you can also use this opportunity to prepare a package full of your renowned baked goods. Place them in a festive cellophane bag or a gift basket, add a colorful bow, and sign the card. For a food lover or anyone who appreciates a sweet treat, this thoughtful gift is sure to please.

Surprise Them With Something Plush

Winter accessories of all kinds are the perfect choice for the office holiday party. Gloves are a solid option; just keep in mind that you need to purchase the right size. Otherwise, opt for something that’s a little bit easier to select, like a fleece scarf or a pair of cozy earmuffs. Both are cold-weather essentials, and people are always grateful to receive something they can use right away.

You can also purchase matching pieces and tuck them together inside a festive gift bag. A hat and coordinating scarf make a great choice, for example, or a fleece headband and a scarf. Have some fun with your picks — opt for bright and festive pieces in brilliant seasonal patterns, from snowflakes to plaids to candy stripes.

Show You Care With Face Masks

Women’s face masks are available in a wide and vast array of colors and patterns. Giving them as a gift is a true sign of the times, of course, but they serve as a reminder that even the most functional items can make fashion statements.

Look for collections that add a little festivity and joy to their wardrobe. You’ll find all sorts of patterns, from masks adorned with holly plants and berries to warm plaids. They all exude an irresistible seasonal charm, and they’re perfect for giving as a gift. Toss in a bottle of hand sanitizer in a fun winter fragrance to complete the package perfectly.

Add to Their Linen Closet

File this under the “something everyone needs” category. Towel sets are a little bit unexpected, yet positively delightful to receive. Sets typically include two each of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths, all in coordinating colors or prints.

You can opt for something neutral, like a crisp white, a soft beige, or a muted gray, or you could choose a bolder shade like red, pink, or teal. Some varieties have patterned edging, which lends a bit of visual intrigue and sets them apart from the towels that your recipient may already have stacked in their linen closet. Don’t be afraid to take a little bit of a risk and choose something slightly different from the norm.

Spread Some Truly Festive Cheer

When better than the holiday season to splash out on a few Christmas decorations? If you aren’t really sure what to purchase, a themed gift that your recipient can put to good use in their home makes a wonderful choice. There are plenty of options. You could snap up a candle in a seasonal fragrance for one, or give a cute stocking emblazoned with a festive pattern. Or you could try something fresh and green, like a succulent centerpiece or a garland that they can drape across the mantel or the staircase. Consider giving a festive plant, like a poinsettia or rosemary nestled in a colorful container. Something naturally beautiful is destined to add immediate holiday cheer and joy to anyone’s home.

When shopping for the best gifts for the upcoming holiday party, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find something that’s “perfect.” It’s always the thought that counts, and as long as what you give is meaningful and useful, you can be sure that the recipient will treasure it.


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