The Sweetest Holiday Gifts for Your Best Friend

The Sweetest Holiday Gifts for Your Best Friend

The months and weeks leading up to the holidays are filled with reminders of how much love and gratitude you have for your family and friends. One person who will always be on your list is your best friend, the person who's always there in a pinch, ready to pick up the phone or roll up her sleeves whenever you need her. Honor that friendship and the love you share this holiday season with some sweet presents that will keep the good times rolling.

For Travelers

Think about how often your friend travels and what kind of adventures she usually goes for. Frequent business travelers might already have the luggage they need, but they are likely dreaming of ways to be more comfortable every time they fly. A lush travel pillow, blanket, and eye mask would be a thoughtful approach for the friend who works hard and would love a bit of luxury for downtime. Pay close attention to how she talks about her travels. Does she never have a place to safely store her laptop? Finding a chic laptop bag in a color she loves will remind her of your thoughtfulness on every trip she takes.

If she’s not traveling this season, consider purchasing a gift card to Airbnb or VRBO so she can sneak away for a weekend without having to do much planning or budgeting beforehand. To really pack a punch, combine the gift card with a beautiful women's weekender bag so she's ready to roll out at a moment's notice. If you live nearby, offer to babysit or care for plants or pets while she's away. Better yet, let her know you'd love to take a girls' weekend with her and bring along some face masks and nail polish for a real bestie getaway.

For Outdoor Adventurers

People who love the outdoors will appreciate any gift that helps them get and stay outside. The present you choose will depend a lot on what kind of activities your best friend loves to do. While it's tempting to look for gifts that will keep her warm in winter months, you can always look ahead if she's more of a summer bug.

For the hiker or camper in your group, listen closely when she talks about her last trip. Is she running out of warm socks? Is her sleeping bag in need of an upgrade? One of the sweetest ways to show you care is by filing her favorites away in your "BFF" shopping cart. If you surprise her with items she hasn't explicitly asked for but you know she needs, you'll show her that you care about the things she loves most. If she's more of a swimmer than a mountain climber, gift her a colorful swim cover up, perfect for hitting the beaches when summertime comes back around.

For Pet Lovers

If your bestie has a pet they can't stop sharing photos of, your holiday shopping just got a little easier. Showing just how much you care about a friend's pet lets them know that you appreciate the finer and furrier things in life. A personalized dog bed with the pet’s name is an extra thoughtful gift for the holidays.

For Readers

Book lovers often want one thing for the holidays: more reading material to dive into! If your best friend is a voracious reader, sign her up for a monthly book subscription. She'll receive a great book each month without having to think about it. Instead, every time she picks up those books, she'll think of you!

If you both love reading, offer to join a virtual book club together as an added bonus. It'll keep you both searching for the next best plotline and will ensure you talk and text more than ever.

For Do-It-All Gals

Women wear a lot of hats — friend, wife, mom, daughter, sister, worker bee, volunteer, you name it. For the woman in your life who is always doing for others, find a present that helps her slow down and appreciate herself a little bit more this season. A spa package with a massage, facial, and mani-pedi might be just what she needs to reset and relax.

If you don't think she'll enjoy a day spa retreat but you know she loves a good soak, curate a gift basket of clay masks, Epsom salts, scented candles, and body scrubs. Add a lavish women's robe and a pair of luxurious slippers so she stays comfortable and cozy after enjoying all those special treats.

Any day is a good day to get your best friend a present. Why wait for the holidays to shop or send a gift? Keep your eyes peeled all year for little trinkets to mail to your long-distance bestie or make an effort to meet up for coffee or tea at least once a month if you live nearby. Sweet gifts for sweet friends make the holiday season even sweeter.


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