Best Holiday Gifts for the Outdoor Lover

Best Holiday Gifts for the Outdoor Lover

Holiday shopping is simple when you narrow down your friend’s and family members’ favorite activities — it helps guide your shopping to ensure you’ll get them something they’ll love for years to come. For a loved one who is a fan of nature, there are many great gifts you can get them this holiday season to help them fully enjoy the outdoors and be prepared for all that it has to offer, too.

Here are some holiday gifts ideal for the outdoor lover in your life.

Packable Down Coat

Fans of the great outdoors don’t let cold weather keep them from exploring nature, so they’re sure to need a warm jacket to keep them bundled during the winter months. Packable down coats are a great gift idea for any outdoor lover in your life, no matter their gender or age. The jackets will keep your loved ones warm and dry as they explore a new trail. Plus, our packable down jackets can fit easily into backpacks or overnight bags and are known to last for years.

Our packable down coats come in a range of colors, including classic jacket shades like black and navy to brighter options like link and tie-dye floral. They’re also available in styles such as packable down vests and longer, mid-thigh length jackets.

Rain Jacket

When considering the weather, your outdoorsy loved one has to be ready to brave an unexpected rainstorm on a hike or boat ride. What better way to make sure they’re ready than by buying them a waterproof women’s rain jacket?

While you’re at it, get them a pair of rubber rain boots, too. With those two items, they’ll be all set to conquer any rainstorm — whether it’s a day of downpours or a quick drizzle.

Reusable Water Bottle

Between hiking, rock climbing, swimming, skiing, band even walking, outdoor activities require a lot of effort. A high-quality reusable water bottle is a simple and useful gift for someone who spends a great deal of time outdoors. Better yet, make sure the water bottle is big enough to hold plenty of water so your friend or family member will stay hydrated throughout the day.

Snow Boots

Winter snow boots are one of those essential items that are a saving grace in snowy weather. A pair of good-quality snow boots for the outdoor enthusiast on your holiday shopping list can be a great gift option. They’ll keep your loved one’s feet warm and protected from the elements for winters to come.

Snow boots are the ideal gift for someone who is a fan of winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing, and are also ideal for the outdoor fan who likes to spend time sledding and building snowmen with their kids. Ultimately, they’re a great gift for anyone who lives in a snowy area or likes to travel to snowy regions.

Beach Bags

Monogrammed items always feel extra special and make an excellent gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list. For the outdoor enthusiast who loves the beach, shop from a selection of personalized beach bags from Lands’ End. Our personalized beach bags come in classic canvas varieties, striped options, and solid-colored choices and are all great sizes for a full day at the beach.

Many of our beach bags have water-resistant bases, so your loved one’s items won’t get wet if the tide comes in or if this bag accompanies them on a damp boat ride. Like any item intended for someone who loves the outdoors, these beach bags are sturdy, well-made, and easy to transport.

Scented Candle

For the days the nature fan in your life can’t escape to the great outdoors, get them a candle that evokes the ambiance of nature. Candles in scents like cedar, sage, or campfire can bring back memories of fun times outdoors, especially when they have to stay inside or don’t have a camping trip planned for a few months. They can light this candle, sip some hot chocolate and tell stories of their favorite outdoor adventures to help hold them over until their next trip.

Spending time outdoors is a favorite activity for many, and there are tons of great gifts you can get for the outdoor fans on your holiday shopping list. Even if they have older versions of these tried-and-true items, they’ll likely welcome an upgrade — outdoor gear constantly benefits from new improvements like better rain or wind protection. Get your holiday shopping done and help the outdoor enthusiast in your life enjoy their time outdoors even more with one of these thoughtful gifts.

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