Holiday Gifts For Her

Holiday Gifts For Her

Holiday shopping can be a lot of things: fun, festive... and difficult. So what gifts are best for your partner, wife, friend, or mom? It can be hard and overwhelming. In a world with many choices, it can be hard to narrow it down. Luckily, we have a whole list of the best holiday gifts for women, whether you’re shopping for your mom, aunt, wife, daughter, coworker, or neighbor. When shopping for her, it is important to remember her likes and dislikes and to get her something she can have for years. It also doesn’t hurt if the item is a little special, as in something she would not normally buy for herself or something in her closet that may need an update.

Here are a few holiday gifts ideal for her.

Cozy Items

Gifts that are intended to make someone slow down, relax, and cozy up on the couch are always welcome. Get your loved one some pajamas, slippers, and a soft throw blanket as a three-part gift that will keep them feeling relaxed throughout the stress of the holiday season.

There are many kinds of pajamas you can gift her — robes, nightgowns, sets, but what says festive more than Christmas pajamas? Get your loved one a pair of pajamas in one of the fun, bright prints we offer — pajamas come decorated with a present design, a holiday-centric dog print, bright flannel colors, and more.

A Fleece Jacket

A warm and cozy fleece is a quintessential winter item that many people forget to replace as time goes by, so they end up wearing a pilled, worse-for-wear fleece all season. Help alleviate that problem by getting her a women’s fleece jacket as a holiday gift. A classic fleece can be worn throughout the winter months and is sure to keep the fleece fan on your holiday shopping list happy and toasty.

Our snap neck fleece pullovers are particularly known to never go out of style. They’re a winter item that has been worn for generations on the slopes, in front of a campfire, or on cold-day errands. It’s also made from anti-pill fleece, so the wearer can really enjoy it for years and years.


Candles are one of those items that you can never have too many of, especially when you find a scent you really love. Find out your loved one’s favorite candle scent and get her a few candles to add to her stockpile. She’ll be thrilled to have a few more candles in her preferred scent to last her through the winter months. While you’re at it, get her a set of cute matches to light the new candles with.

Monogrammed Tote

Anything monogrammed instantly feels more special. Gift your loved one with a monogrammed tote in their favorite color. A tote is a useful item that they’ll turn to throughout the year and will be reminded of you each time they pick it up. The monogrammed touch is something a little different and is something they likely would not have selected on their own.

Leather Gloves

Some of the best gifts are items we wouldn’t get for ourselves. Leather winter gloves are one of those things. They somehow seem luxurious and like a step above the tried-and-true fleece gloves normally worn throughout the winter. Order a pair of quality leather gloves for your loved one — this gift will make them feel special, and they’ll be reminded of you every time they wear the gloves throughout the season.

Adding to their luxury, our leather winter gloves are cashmere-lined and have pads on the thumb and pointer finger to make these gloves compatible with touch-screen phones and other touch-screen electronics.


When in doubt, most women tend to like to receive jewelry. Casual, everyday pieces that can be worn to work, on errands, to brunch with friends, and on date night are an ideal item to get, and everyday jewelry is normally more economical, too. Opt for a pair of stud earrings in their birth month gemstone, or try for a simple necklace with some small detail. If those don’t seem like something your loved one would wear, get a simple charm bracelet with a charm that reflects their favorite hobby or a happy memory.

When shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, or friend, it’s important to remember that the most special gifts come with some thought behind them. You know this person best, so get them something that will match their likes and dislikes. And, it’s even better if the item can feel a little special — like something they wouldn’t buy for themselves.

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