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Holiday Card Ideas with Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

We’re all big enough to admit it: coordinating a family photoshoot for your holiday card is hard. Whether you’re the parent of toddlers or teenagers, it’s never easy to rally the whole family together to stand in front of a camera, convince them to show off their pearly whites, and catch that perfect shot where everyone looks good. What about the added challenge of getting everyone in the family to wear matching pajamas? Difficult though it may be, the family Christmas photo can be achieved. To make the whole process easier and even fun for everyone involved, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of fabulous matching pajama ideas and how to determine which style is right for your family.

Know Your Options

Figuring out where to begin is the hardest part. Are you coming in with a blank slate or do you already have an idea of what you want the photo to look like? Will you keep it classic with some good old fashioned flannel pajamas or will you play with funky, festive patterns and colors? Although it might at first seem like you’re overcomplicating the planning, it’s not a bad idea to include your family in the creative process. Sure, some of their pajama ideas might be over the top, but they may surprise you with some comedically ingenious concepts. The last thing you want to do is force your kids to wear something they are going to hate, so invest in quality pajamas that the kids will love, too. Incentivize the whole photoshoot experience by reminding the kids that they get to keep the Christmas pajamas. It will be that much more fun for everyone to wake up in them on Christmas day.

Skip Pajamas and Go Straight for Robes

Maybe you’re just not feeling the whole matching pajamas thing; perhaps matching robes is more your style. Picture everyone in the same color warm, flannel robe, or perhaps just the parents in robes with the kids in matching pajamas. If you do decide to dress the whole gang in robes, you’ll find plenty of fun, festive colors, and patterns to choose from.

The Same, but Different

You know how more and more wedding parties feature the bridesmaids wearing gowns that are similar in style and color, but aren’t exactly the same? Well, you can do that with your family’s matching Christmas pajamas. To add some dimension to your family’s matching Christmas pajamas, don’t just stick to one style of flannel pajamas. Mom can wear a flannel robe while the kids wear flannel bottoms with a solid colored top, and Dad can rock a pair of men’s flannel pajamas.

Think About the Fur Children

Have pets? Think about them when picking out your matching Christmas pajamas. If you have plans to include them in the family photoshoot, decide if you are going to have them go au naturale or if they will also be dressed in something festive. Will your dog wear an adorable sweater? Or perhaps a full-blown holiday costume like Olaf or the Grinch? Maybe they will just have a cute little Santa hat on. However you decide to dress up your pet for the photoshoot, make sure it coordinates with the matching pajamas theme of the family.

Consider Your Backdrop

Will you be taking these holiday card photos outside or inside? Will everyone be strategically positioned in front of your home for a neat family photo? Will there be a theme to it? Will it be humorous or serious? Will you be in front of the Christmas tree? On a tropical beach? The backdrop of your photo should influence your matching pajama choices. Have an idea where you will be taking the photo before you start deciding what everyone will wear.

At the end of the day, you can garner all the advice in the world about pajamas, but when it comes down to it, go for something that the entire family will enjoy. The point of the holiday season is to enjoy each other’s company and have fun—which is what the ultimate them of your holiday card photo shoot should be.

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