Holiday Activities for Older Adults

Holiday Activities for Older Adults

If you're a senior looking for fun holiday activities, look no further. Lands’ End has your back. Some holiday activities just get better with age.


Whether you live solo, are partnered, or have a big family under one roof, decorating is great fun! Make sure to enjoy your favorite traditions this year, and perhaps start some new ones, too. Do you have favorite holiday decorations from ornaments to hang on the tree to greenery to candles? If you have favorites that have sentimental value, make sure to get them out and put them in a place of prominence.

Decorating can evolve over the years. Maybe you used to keep the delicate items up high so the kids couldn’t break them by accident, or you've downsized to a cozy home where one tree is just right. Maybe decorating a themed tree would be fun for a change this year. The great part about decorating your home as a senior is that you get to make the rules.


If you have favorite holiday recipes, revel in them! Did you learn any baking tips or recipes from your mother or grandmother? Would you like to pass some on to the little ones in your life? Invite the grandkids or your great nieces or nephews for a sleepover, put on your flannel pajamas and robe, and have a ball baking together, and then eat some of your creations while watching their favorite holiday movie.

You can also give the gift of recipes. Bake the cookies, cinnamon rolls, or pies. Then if the recipe is not a family secret, write out a festive recipe card and attach it to your baked goods. Make sure to include any history of the recipe like it originally came from your grandmother or aunt. Be specific about this by sharing names, dates, and if the recipe came from another country or a specific region of the United States. These types of mementos will become precious.

Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are great for children of all ages! Whether you're decorating your home with holiday lights or enjoying other people’s light displays, make sure to set aside some time for this delightful holiday activity. If you enjoy walking outside, consider bundling up in your winter coat, hat, and gloves, and taking a stroll through your neighborhood.

Driving to look at holiday lights can make a great evening’s entertainment. After dinner with your partner, friends, or family, pile into the car and go for a drive to look at the holiday lights. Are there displays that you like to see every year or new ones that have been noted in your local newspaper? Taking a drive to explore and find new areas that have lovely holiday lights can be fun, too.

Holiday Movies

At the beginning of the holiday season, make a list of your favorite holiday movies that you won’t want to miss. Is it even Christmas without laughing at the swimming pool scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” and then tearing up at the end? Do you have a tradition of watching “Elf” with a little one in your life? Don’t forget the fleece throw! You can probably watch your favorites at your leisure with the available streaming services. Ask your friends and family for movie suggestions.

If you're far away from loved ones this season, consider setting up a watch party so you can all watch the movie together virtually. Most streaming services have easy-to-follow instructions for this. Test it out in advance to get a feel for the technology and then make sure that everyone signs on a bit early. This can be a fun activity to watch movies that are so bad they're comical, too. You can all get a belly laugh and some fun eye rolls together.

Giving Back

When in doubt, give back! Finding volunteering opportunities for the holidays is one of the most meaningful ways that you can spend your time. Whether you're helping at a local food pantry, buying or knitting winter hats for a charity, or helping to raise funds for a project at your grandchild’s school, helping others will warm your heart. You can also give back by reconnecting and reaching out to friends or family who are far away or neighbors who live alone. Spread some cheer!

This is another great team opportunity. Finding ways to volunteer with your family, friends, and even the littlest ones who are close to your heart is a fun group activity and a great example for the young people in your life. When you're planning holiday activities, be sure to find some ways to give back, and put them on your calendar.

Enjoy all of the fun holiday activities that fit your life now. Have a warm and wonderful holiday season!


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