His and Hers: The Best Christmas Sweaters

There's nothing like spending the holidays with someone you love. A partner in crime dedicated to helping you make the most out of that warm and generous Christmas spirit – not to mention being there to navigate those tumultuous moments with your family after the eggnog has made an appearance. This year, take your love of being part of a couple during the holidays to the next level. Check out some of our best Christmas sweaters for couples and spread a little holiday cheer together all season long.

Make a Plan for your His and Her Holiday Sweaters:

If you want to coordinate your sweaters with your significant other, be sure to sit down and decide, as a couple, what you’ve both comfortable wearing. No one wants to have a sweater imposed upon them that they have to wear—at risk of offending their SO. Do you and your significant other like something super bold and boisterous, when it comes to color, or do you prefer neutral colors? V-neck or cardigans? Maybe you both like classic pullover sweaters with crew necks. 

Perhaps you’ll find that you both have totally different tastes, and that’s okay! The good news is, even if you don’t both love the same cut or texture of sweater, as long as one to two elements coordinate, you’ll still match. One of those two elements does need to be color, but you can mix and match the texture and cut of the sweaters. They’ll still match great if the colors and the texture or cut match too! So, you can be super matchy matchy, if you have the same taste, or show your individuality, but in a couple-y matching way.

Lightweight His and Her Sweaters:

Looking for something more lightweight? No problem! Try our ultra-smooth, lightweight Supima Cotton Christmas sweater. You'll love how cute you look in the classic crew neckline and he'll love that he can't help but smile every time he looks at you (and we're pretty sure it's not just because of that festive design knit into the fabric). Match your jolly look with a comfy and color-coordinated Men's Christmas Sweater and wait for the impromptu Christmas carols in your living room to start. Because that's totally about to happen.

Feed Your Competitive Nature with His and Hers Sweaters:

Want to win first prize at your Mother-in-Law’s annual Christmas sweater party? The winning piece is matching his and hers sweaters. Everyone will love the coordinated effort! You can keep it super simple – solids in matching colors – but amp them up with fun monograms! Break out your old nicknames, favorite social hangout names, anything up to ten letters goes. Or monogram words like, "Ho Ho Ho" and "Merry Life" in classic red or green. You got this!

Dress to Impress in His and Hers Sweaters:

You've put in your time at work and now that the year is coming to a close, you're definitely hoping for a little recognition from the powers that be. Don't fade away into the background at your next office holiday party. Dress for success at your work Christmas party in a gorgeous cashmere cardigan sweater. Cashmere is soft, luxurious, and looks dressy!  Your sweater will be sure to get you noticed for all of the substance – and style – that you bring to the table. Just make sure your lucky date is wearing something worthy of your spotlight, like a men's cashmere sweater layered over a button down to really impress. You really can have it all. Just look at you!

Don't get left out in the cold. Shop now for the best Christmas sweaters for couples and keep things cozy this Christmas.


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