His and Her Halloween Costume Ideas

His and Her Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. Getting your costumes ready and decorations up are all a part of the fun of Halloween. This year for Halloween, look to double the fun by using this trick-or-treating holiday as an opportunity to match with your boo (pun intended!). Here are some of our favorite his and her Halloween costume ideas that you can likely find in your closets.

Bonnie and Clyde

The classic Halloween his and her costume idea is to dress up like the notorious 1930s criminal love birds, Bonnie and Clyde. Their tragic demise even adds to the spooky factor that's perfect for Halloween. Sift through the closets to find pieces that are the perfect throwback to the 1930s: a beret hat, button-up blouse, and a midi skirt for Bonnie, and a suit, vest, and fedora for Clyde.

Sandy and Danny

Are you hopelessly devoted to this high school classic? Channel some of that "Greased Lightning" spirit and dress up as Sandy and Danny for Halloween. This epic couple is one of Hollywood's favorites and makes an equally epic his and her Halloween costume. To dress up as Sandy, get your hair done, put on some red lipstick, and wear an all-black catsuit or an off-the-shoulder top with black pants. For Danny, black jeans with a white t-shirt and a leather jacket is an easy costume. Don't forget to grease your hair and swivel your hips!

Johnny and June

Walk the line this Halloween by making your significant other the Johnny to your June. Johnny Cash and June Carter are American music legends, and their love story is certainly one for the ages. The Man in Black is easy enough to replicate with a black suit over a men's black button-down shirt, a pair of dark glasses, and a hat. For the ladies, puff your hair and find your most '60s southern dress to look like this southern beauty. Fit and flare dresses are the perfect '60s June Carter look. You'll be keeping your love hotter than a pepper sprout with this winning couples costume.

Pocahontas and John Smith

Everyone has a favorite Disney princess, and for many, it's Pocahontas. Live your childhood dream of pretending for a day to be Pocahontas alongside your handsome John Smith. Wear a brown dress while your significant other wears a pair of blue pants with a blue polo shirt. This DIY costume is an easy go-to look for couples looking to dress up as a pair with their Halloween costume. You can either source from your own wardrobe or go online to find pre-made Pocahontas and John Smith costumes so you can spend Halloween painting with the colors of the wind.

Cowboy and Cowgirl

The perfect last-minute couples costume, cowboy and cowgirl costumes are ideal for those who prefer comfortable clothes to a full costume but still want to feel festive and a part of the party. Jeans, flannel shirts, boots, and Western hats are an amazingly easy way to rock this all-American look.

Hera and Zeus

Get your goddess on by dressing you and your significant other as mythology's most famous power couple. Hera and Zeus ruled Mount Olympus and make a great Greek-inspired Halloween costume for him and her. For her, wearing a one-shouldered floor-length and flowing white dress. Pile your hair up, and don't feel shy about wearing a tiara or wreath headpiece around your head. You can also get creative and use your white bed sheets and a whole lot of safety pins to make togas that are fit for Hera and Zeus. Tie a piece of rope around the middle to cinch the waist. For Zeus, don't forget the olive leaf wreath around the head and even a carry-around lightning bolt for good measure. Take full advantage of Halloween to be your divine self.

Jasmine and Aladdin

A prince and princess favorite, take a magic carpet ride this Halloween by dressing up together as Jasmine and Aladdin. For Jasmin, all you need is a good pair of harem pants and a tube top to copy this classic movie look. For Aladdin, a toy monkey, a vest over a bare chest, and a pair of loose lounge pants are all you need to show her the world.

Baby and Johnny

Nobody puts Baby in the corner! This movie is an epic love story that lives forever in our hearts and Halloween costumes. While you may not have Patrick Swayze's moves or Jennifer Grey's epic curls, you can still get dressed up, get jiggy, and have the time of your life. Baby and Johnny are easy to dress up with because, chances are, you already have everything you need in your closet. For Baby, wear a pink or blush fit and flare dress or her iconic high-waist Capri jeans with a tie-up blouse crop top. For Johnny, a white or black tank-top with a pair of black jeans is all you need to capture this iconic look.

Morticia and Gomez

Feeling like getting full-on into the Halloween vibes? Well — snap, snap! — don't be shy to dress as this dark and quirky couple from the Addams Family. For Morticia, get out the eyeliner, a prickly red rose, and your favorite floor-length black dress to rock this creepy yet somehow romantic look. For Gomez, draw in a dark mustache and dress him up in a black suit. If you have some white makeup or zinc, lather up to look a little more pale than usual. You're sure to look creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, and all together ooky this Halloween.

Get creative and double the fun by dressing up with your boo for Halloween with these easy-to-make costume ideas.

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