Women's High Rise Pants:  A True Fashion Life Saver

Women's High Rise Pants: A True Fashion Life Saver

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you just need a pair of pants you can count on. The kind you can slip on half-awake, pair with almost anything, and guarantee will keep you comfortable and covered all day long. Those sound like some pretty reasonable requests to us. After all, we think the least you should expect from a pair of pants is comfort. Now style? That's truly something to be desired. Luckily our Lands' End plus size high-rise pants check all of the boxes when it comes to comfort, quality, and style. Guess that makes them a true fashion lifesaver, wouldn't you agree? But even though we believe our high-rise pants are exactly the wardrobe essential you've been looking for, we don't want you to take our word for it. That's what our customer reviews are for. Check out what a few of our trusted customers have to say about our plus-size high-rise women's pants and see if they can't make you a believer once and for all.

"High-rise jeans are the only ones that truly don't gap at the waist. They're perfect for me." ~ Teacher2, Pittsburgh, PA

Yup, it's true. Wearing high-rise jeans virtually eliminates the possibility of the dreaded back gap when you sit down. Designed to sit at your natural waist – at or above the belly button – high rise basically means complete coverage starting at your mid-section. But the contoured waist is truly what keeps that back gap in check. The secret? The back rise of our high-rise pants is slightly higher than the front rise. Why? So you can sit in confidence knowing that the back gap is none of your concern.

"High rise fits so much better than mid-rise on my curvy shape." ~ Missy, NH

Why do curvy women prefer high-rise pants first and foremost? Well, for one thing, the higher waist provides much-needed coverage for a fuller backside while also giving the visual illusion of longer, leaner legs - which some women want to achieve. And for anyone that's even slightly larger on the bottom half of her body, a quality high-rise pant will do wonders for smoothing out and flattering your silhouette. Add a little bit of stretch (and recovery) to any otherwise perfect pants and you've got a pair of women's high-rise pants that work for all bodies.

"I'm a straight shape and traditionally wear plus sizes, yet these high-rise jeans look great on me too." ~ MJ, OH

High-rise jeans: the one style that looks great on virtually every body shape. The higher rise provides coverage in the mid-section, and it often creates a contrasting waist to hip ratio. Pull-on jeggings are a perfect high-rise option for someone that's looking for a great combo of comfortable and fashionable. They're super stretchy but won't lose their shape, even after multiple wears. Which is good, because you're never going to want to take them off.

"I wear my high-rise jeans with everything – tunics, shorter sweaters, blazers. Even without actual tummy control, they feel more supportive." ~ Carol, TX

Why fight a style trend that actually makes everyone look – and feel – better in their own skin? If the slimming silhouette you get from a smoothing waistline isn't enough to hook you, and you're not that impressed by the illusion of longer legs or the comfort of a contoured waist then surely the allure of being able to wear them with almost everything in your wardrobe will pique your interest. High-rise jeans are great for creating curves, elongating legs, and establishing waistlines on anybody regardless of what natural features you're working with. Essentially, high-rise pants are exactly what you need to help shape your body when you're intent on putting your best self forward every day.

Another great thing about high-rise pants? High-rise pants can go with any top or blouse that you love. Do you love the classic jeans and a t-shirt look? High-rise pants will look great with that! Maybe you prefer cashmere tunic tops. They go great with high-rise jeans and a cute pair of shoes. If you wear your jeans in the winter, they will pair exceptionally well with all your winter coats and vests. So, rest easy knowing that if you love your Lands’ End high-rise jeans, you can wear them with so much!

With high-rise pants the possibilities of how good you can look are endless. So what are you waiting for? Shop landsend.com today for the pants you never knew you couldn't live without and start every day on a high.


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