High-Rise Jeans for Petite, Tall or Plus Size Women

How to Wear High Waisted Jeans: Tips for Petite, Tall, and Plus Size Women

Have you ever wasted hours of valuable personal time (and self-esteem) shopping at some massive department store, scouring the racks for that perfect pair of jeans? Only to end up frustrated and discouraged when you have to settle for something a little less than? Do yourself a favor and stop buying sub-par jeans that are just too long/too short/too tight/too baggy made from manufacturers that insist all women are created equal.

Lands’ End understands that your body is unique to you. That’s why we design all of our clothes to fit every body regardless of shape or size. Our women’s jeans are no exception. There’s no such thing as a “one shape fits all” when you’re talking about special sizing like petites, tall, and plus size. And we hate the notion that you may have been led to believe that some cuts – like high rise jeans – are just off-limits for your body type. Forget everything you’ve been told about buying jeans for women and check out our tips for how to wear high waisted jeans that look great on your body regardless of height or size.

High Rise Jeans for Petites:

As if things weren’t challenging enough for petite women (why are shelves so high in grocery stores?) finding a pair of petite jeans in the right length and style can be quite a tall order for any shopping spree. That’s why we love our high rise Lands’ End jeans for petite women. Not only do we offer them in true petite length (26”, 28”) but the high waist gives the illusion of longer legs – basically giving you a growth spurt as soon as you slip them on. And if you’re a curvy petite looking for a bit more coverage around the waist, a high rise jean offers a little more structure around the midsection – something you’ll appreciate when worn with a sleek no-iron shirt or blouse. Of course, mid-rise jeans are also a great choice for women with wider hips – just make sure they come with a contoured waistline to avoid that unwanted back gap.

Another perk of our high waist petite jeans for women is that they’re available in every style designed to make you look good. Our suggestion: focus on jeans that streamline your shape and elongate your legs like a straight leg high rise jean with stretch. Why stretch? Because denim with stretch bounces back for a universally flattering look all day long – not just those first 30 minutes you have them on. They also dress up easily with a pair of heels or cute flats or can be worn with sneakers for a more everyday look. P.S. buy your petite jeans in a dark denim wash or black jeans for a leaner, longer look if that's what you want to achieve.

High Rise Jeans for Tall Sizes:

They may have no problem reaching items on the top shelf, but women who are 5’9 or above also struggle to find jeans with an appropriate inseam measurement for their height. At Lands’ End, we make our clothes with your unique measurements in mind. That’s why we offer jeans for tall women with inseam measurements up to 36”, saving you from buying a pair of “regular” jeans and hoping no one will notice that your knee is a little higher up the leg than everyone else.

When it comes to what style of jeans to buy, high rise jeans seem like the obvious choice for tall women. But, the truth is you’ll want your high rise jeans to sit at your natural waist – which isn’t usually an issue for tall women with long legs. If you have a longer torso, however, you may want to stick with mid-rise jeans with a contoured waist that’ll sit more comfortably on your hips and won’t throw your body proportions out of whack.

Speaking of proportions, planning your outfit to keep yours in check is always a good idea. Pair a flowy tunic or blouse on top with a more fitted pant on bottom like a pair of pull-on skinny jeans and flats. Or, if you’re looking for a classic jeans and T-shirt look, tall women look great in a pair of straight leg or boot cut jeans that highlight the glory of those long legs from hip to hem.

Plus Size Jeans in High Rise:

Finding plus size jeans that fit is easier said than done, especially when you’ve been shopping fashion lines that just seem to add more fabric to their “regular” sized denim. Why doesn’t this work? Well, for one thing, every woman is different, thus requiring different things from her plus size jeans. That’s where we stand out. Lands’ End manages proportions across all sizes and takes care to fit jeans at your waist, hip, knee, thigh, and bottom leg opening, ensuring you’ll get a great fit all over without having to compromise on style or comfort.

Not sure what kind of plus size jeans to wear for the most flattering fit? Boot cut, flare, or straight leg women’s jeans are all great choices for fuller figured women looking to create a long, straight line down the body effect. And if you’re hoping for a little extra stability over the middle, try our women’s pull-on jeans. You’ll love how well they keep you covered and how the pull-on styling is smoother over the mid-section for those days where you're running around.

At Lands’ End, we want you to enjoy what you wear and feel good wearing it. Because when it’s all said and done, fit really comes down to comfort, right? That’s why we make it so easy for you to find that perfect pair of high rise jeans at landsend.com thanks to our easy-to-read size chart. So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste another day wearing ill-fitting jeans from those other stores. Shop Lands’ End today to find your perfect pair of high rise jeans in petite, tall, or plus size and live every day in comfort (and style).


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