Here Are the Top 7 Sweaters You Need This Fall

Here are the top 7 sweaters you need this fall

It's fall and you know what that means? Sweater weather is officially here! Big sweaters, small sweaters, chunky knit sweaters, lightweight sweaters, every type of sweater. Time to break them all out of the closet and daydream about sipping hot apple cider or freshly brewed coffee, getting lost in a good book, and staying warm and cozy in your favorite sweater. If your sweater collection is in dire need of an upgrade, consider replacing a few items with the pieces we've chosen below. Here are the top seven women's sweaters you're going to want to make sure you have in your closet this fall.

1. The cardigan sweater

The women's cardigan sweater is such a staple of fall fashion that it has its own category altogether. The variety of cardigan options is endless. However, whatever cardigan style you choose, be sure you have at least one ready to wear throughout the autumn season. 

For something slightly formal and fashionable, invest in a drape-style cardigan sweater. The single button fastened at the top and the drape design gives the cardigan a very effortlessly elegant appeal. Think Sophia Loren. For something decidedly more casual, the button-down performance crew cardigan sweater is a classic. It's perfect loungewear around the house, but it still makes you look put together should unexpected visitors stop by. A third cardigan style that epitomizes comfort is the cotton drifter shawl cardigan sweater. It's basically like being wrapped up in a blanket.

Cardigans are great for layering. The best part is you can layer them over so much. As mentioned above you can layer over loungewear, but you can also layer over short or long sleeve shirts worn with jeans or leggings. Cardigans are also great to put over a dress or even a shirt skirt combo. It’ll provide warmth, and it’ll look so polished!

2. Cashmere V-neck wrap sweater

Like the cardigan, the cashmere sweater is a fashion staple. At some point in a woman's life, owning at least one cashmere sweater is a must. There is no other feeling in the world like a cashmere sweater on a crisp fall afternoon. The material is so luxuriously soft that no matter how simple and understated the style of the sweater is, it radiates elegance. A dark beet or a spring lilac marl are both very flattering colors for fall.

Cashmere V-necks come in both long and short sleeves. They look amazing over jeans, leggings, dress pants, and even skirts. They’re a perfect transitional piece to wear as temperatures change between seasons, as well.

3. The cashmere turtleneck sweater

For the slightly nippier days when you need a bit more warmth than the cashmere V-neck can give, you can always count on a cashmere turtleneck sweater. A rich red cashmere turtleneck is perfect for a holiday party while a classic black cashmere turtleneck is ideal for those days when you're feeling some strong Audrey Hepburn vibes. Once you nail down the right color (or colors) for you, you can enjoy all the benefits of a super-soft, 2-ply cashmere turtleneck that keeps you warm and cozy around the house or while you're out running errands.

With a turtleneck sweater, you’ll want to pair it with jeans, dress pants, or a skirt. Wear a longer necklace, some simple earrings, and throw on a headband for some extra detailing! This is a great look to carry from fall right into winter too!

4. The pattern or print sweater

Once you've gotten the basics out of the way, it's time to start exploring patterned sweaters. A checkered beige and blue cardigan or a cotton cardigan sweater with black floral print are just a couple of examples of the intricate and lively designs you can play with when it comes to various sweaters. Pair these with a pair of dress pants for the office, or jeans for a fun night out. Try to stick with neutral-colored pants so that you don’t distract from the pattern of your sweater.

Whip one of these bad boys out when you want to pull together a fun fall outfit for a coffee date with a friend or a dinner party with the neighbors.

5. The ribbed crew neck sweater

Though perhaps not as well-known and common as the cardigan, the ribbed crew neck sweater is still pretty iconic, and it's always a good idea to have one of these in your closet. A sweater like this made with ultra-soft chenille yarn feels heavenly. Although the texture of it on your skin will keep you comfortable all day, it can also be styled with a blouse or other type of shirt underneath. It goes well with almost any kind of pants, and for a polished look, wear a set of longer earrings.

6. The 3/4 sleeve scoop sweater

Here is where you start getting into more specific sweater styles. The 3/4 sleeve scoop sweater provides a chic and flattering fit, thanks to its unconventionally shorter-than-normal sleeves and the scoop at the bottom of the sweater. With shorter sleeves, you have more room to accessorize with a slender watch or a bracelet. In addition, the scoop hem adds a nice shape if you plan to wear it with skinny jeans, leggings, or any bottoms that show off your figure more.

7. The cotton V-neck tunic sweater

Similar to the 3/4 sleeve scoop sweater, the V-neck tunic sweater comes down slightly below the hips. Unlike the scoop sweater, it flares out a bit at the ends and comes with side vents, allowing you to get around with ease and flexibility. The V-neck is ribbed and the cuffs, like the hem, are fashioned with a wide rib trim. The tunic sweater is designed with casual comfort in mind and is an ideal top for days spent around the house or when you're going out in the afternoon.

No matter what sweater (or sweaters) you decide to sport, this fall, you’re sure to look amazing!


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