Help Your Kids Fit In When Going Back to School

Help Your Kids Fit In When Going Back to School

Going to school is a crucial foundational element of being a kid and growing up. Although receiving an education is the primary goal, that’s not the only important thing it offers. Spending years in school helps kids explore other athletic and extracurricular interests, learn how to navigate the world, and establish lasting friendships with other kids. For many young children, going back to school every year (no matter how many times they have done it) can be understandably nerve-wracking. In this post, we will look at a few things you can do as a parent to help your children fit in when they get back to school and feel as relaxed and prepared as possible.

Have Everything Prepared to Set Their Mind at Ease

It is totally normal for kids to feel some level of anxiety and unease about returning to school. It’s completely understandable, too, considering it’s quite the transition after months of summer vacation. Also, they may be going into a new school, and there’s the added stress of hoping they make new friends. One thing that will help quell anxiety is reassuring them they are prepared for their first day back to school. This could involve several measures, like planning a few, relaxing end-of-summer activities to getting all their books and school supplies together long in advance. This way, they don’t have to worry about it at the last minute and can have fun picking out a few new outfits. When people of any age feel prepared and confident to enter a new setting, it most certainly helps ease anxiety.

Get Some of Their Friends Together Before School Starts

If your child hasn’t seen some of their school friends all summer long, it’s not a bad idea to get them together for a few playdates before returning to school. Seeing a few familiar faces before they have to head into potentially unfamiliar territory will help kids feel more relaxed and even excited about returning to school. Schedule a day at the park or some beach activities for your kid and some of their friends they are looking forward to seeing once they are back in class. Give your child a head start on reconnecting and establishing a bond with old friends, so they brave their first day back at school together.

Find Out What Their Recreational Interests Are in Advance

SIt down with your kids and ask them if there are any extracurricular activities they would like to get involved in once they return to school. It could be joining a sports team, joining student government or the debate team, volunteering, or joining a school club that piques their interest. Perhaps your son or daughter isn’t quite sure what else they would like to do, so broach the question long before they return to school, so they have time to think. Joining groups in school will help them branch out, get involved in something they love doing, and help them meet new kids they could have lasting friendships with.

Shop For School Supplies Together

Earlier on in this post, we discussed the importance of being fully prepared for returning to school, and one way of doing that is getting all the school supplies together. If you do it a few weeks before returning to school, both you and your kid can breathe easy knowing that’s out of the way, and you won’t have to think of anything last minute. Don’t just run out to the store on your own to gather supplies for them; make a date of it and include them in the process. Let them pick out the color binders they want or a new backpack or a lunchbox. Even better, call up one or two of their close friends they go to school with and have everyone go out school shopping together. It’s a great way to make a chore become a fun playdate.

Invest in Some New Wardrobe Pieces

While investing in all the necessary school supplies is the first shopping priority, your child will also likely need and want a few new clothing items for the school year. Like shopping for your supplies, you can turn this into a fun playdate with one or two of their friends or just the two of you. Kids can be a lot like adults in the sense that they love the feeling of buying a cute new clothing item they can show off to their friends. Shop around and see what styles they like. It could be a few new back-to-school shirts, dresses for girls , kid’s sweatshirts or a kid’s winter coat. They may also need a new pair of shoes for sports practice or any other school activity.

Make a checklist of things they definitely need and then allow for a couple of things they would really like to wear. This will add to the excitement of returning to school.

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