The Best Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Your Kids

The Best Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Your Kids

It's Halloween yet again and your kids' costumes are not quite ready. Maybe you were busy dealing with a stressful workload at the office or became distracted by any number of things that inevitably come up in life. Either way, the kids are eager to start the Halloween festivities and for that, they're going to need some great costumes. Don’t stress if you don’t have anything planned. In this post, we have come up with a handful of Halloween costume ideas that your kids will love.

Creative Face Painting

Face painting is one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas and it's arguably a lot easier to accomplish than putting together an entire costume. From Disney characters to superhero characters and everything in between, you can pull out the face paint to make some epic Halloween looks. If you don’t consider yourself artistically talented, turn to YouTube tutorials for step-by-step guides and simple face painting hacks (or outsource the face painting to an artistically inclined friend or family member). Alternatively, you could allow your older children to try painting their faces themselves. Even in their regular clothes like kids jeans and kids outerwear they will still look festive. This is also a great activity if you are hosting a Halloween party for your kids and their friends.

Draw on The Masks (Not The Faces)

Instead of painting your kids’ faces, why not have them paint masks to wear on their face? This will not only save you time (and cleanup), it also encourages children to express their creativity and get better at their artistic skills. Let your kids choose their costume masks designed for decorating. Pull out the paint, glitter, and other craft supplies to help them achieve the look they want. They can choose to draw any number of beloved characters: Halloween characters, movie characters, toy characters or anything else their creative little minds come up with.

TV Show Characters Come to Life

TV show and movie characters never go out of style; plus many of them are easy and fun to make. You will only need a few clothes and additional items to create most of the characters. For example, create the minions from the beloved movie “Despicable Me” with a pair of overalls, some yellow shirts or a kids’ hoodie, black gloves, and kids’ shoes. Using black pipe cleaners, make iconic minion goggles by binding together two mason jar lids. Other famous characters to go with include Elsa from Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Monsters, and other Disney characters.

Heroic Public Servants

Police officers, doctors, and firefighters are arguably some of the most admirable people to kids. To create any of one of these costumes, you can get a ready-made costume from the store or online or use items in your kids’ wardrobes to complete the look. For a policeman, glue or pin a plastic badge on a black or navy blue button down shirt. Pair this with black or navy blue slacks and black shoes. Complete the look with belts, hats, and other accessories to stand out. For a doctor, opt for blue or white scrubs. Fireman outfits can be created with a plastic fireman hat, suspenders, overalls, and boots.

Their Favorite Food

Who says you have to be a person or a character from a book, TV show, or movie to dress up for Halloween? Some of the funniest, cleverest outfits consist of creative, unique ideas. If your kids are big foodies and love the idea of dressing up as their favorite food for Halloween, there are endless options. Food costumes can be bought ready-made online or in a store, or you could go the DIY route. For example, a pizza costume could be made with a large piece of cardboard cut into a circle. Decorate it with felt pieces to make the crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Tie a string on it to secure it to their body and the job is done!

Experiment With Clothes

Your child doesn’t necessarily have to dress up as a character or real life person for Halloween. They could simply put together funky, unique outfits with whatever kids' clothes they have in their closet. Allow your kids to dress up old clothes they have in their closet that they no longer wear. Perhaps it’s a pair of kids’ leggings that could be bedazzled with jewels, paint and glitter. Maybe it’s a basic white shirt that could use a little tie-dye love. Allow them to dress up a basic outfit with lots of fun accessories like top hats, feather boas, and statement shoes. This is a great opportunity to allow your child’s imagination to run wild and see what they come up with.

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