Halloween Costumes for Adults

Halloween Costumes for Adults

Whether you are gearing up for an adult Halloween party or your office is big on Halloween festivities, you're likely thinking about your costume options. In an office, you’re limited to costumes that are workplace appropriate. Whether it’s a workplace party or a social gathering in your personal life, you also want to be considerate of other people's backgrounds and identities before picking an outfit. Here are a handful of costume ideas for work Halloween parties and any other parties you may attend.

Go as Your Favorite Musical Artist

Is there a pop sensation you can’t get enough of? A rock band you could jam out to for hours? A legendary musician who has gone down in history as one of the greats? If music is your thing, show up for the Halloween fun dressed as your favorite musician or celebrity singer. This is something that can be done solo or with a group of friends if you are portraying a band or other kind of musical group. Find the most iconic looks from the musicians’ performances and get to work on creating a similar costume. If you are doing some last-minute Halloween costume creation, pull out a baggy pair of womens’ sweatpants, an oversized women's t-shirt, and some dramatic sunglasses to portray an “off-duty celebrity” look. No one has to know you put it together at the last second.

Show Off Your Sense of Humor

Love making people laugh? Think of creative ways to come up with funny costumes for Halloween. One example is showing up to Halloween as one of the Spice Girls…except instead of donning Y2K fashion, you can just secure literal spice bottles to your clothing. When someone asks you who you’re supposed to be, you can tell them “why, a Spice Girl, of course!”

Get Comical and Nostalgic With Minions

Most people believe that minions are a kid's Halloween costume only. But who says adults can’t have fun with it too? Use a blue jumpsuit with a yellow shirt, women's shoes in black, and gloves to make the outfit. Create your goggles from mason jar lids bonded together with pipe cleaners to complement the outfit. The cheekiness of the costume will leave your colleagues or friends cracking up the whole day.

Roll up as The Batman

If you are a renowned DC comic fan, it's time to showcase your bonafide Batman Halloween costume. You need Batman's all-black mask and a cape with a dark outfit like black leggings and a women’s sweater in black to pull off this look. While the outfit might be a little costly, it's worth it because you can take any black outfit from your wardrobe or buy one that you’ll be able to use all year long.

Showcase The Grand Budapest Hotel (or Your Favorite Film)

One great thing about Halloween costumes is that you don't have to do everything alone. Find a way to bring your friends together by going to the Grand Budapest Hotel route. You can do this with any other beloved movie too! Your friends can select a character from the film they would like to represent, then deliver together as a team. In an office setting, working together on a project like this increases employee collaboration which improves productivity. In your personal life, it’s just plain old fun!

Get Into Character as Mary Poppins

Any fan of films most likely knows of the beloved character Mary Poppins. The iconic and ageless character is a unique approach to Halloween costumes and virtually everyone you encounter will have no trouble recognizing who you're dressed up as. To complete the costume, you need a Mary Poppins hat, a black umbrella, a maxi dress, and a dress scarf. This is a family-friendly costume for adults and if you are getting the whole family dressed up for Halloween, why not have your own children dress up as the nanny kids?

Opt for Face Art

Have you explored a variety of Halloween costumes and can't find anything that is affordable, low-maintenance, and still a great, unique idea? Make your face an art piece through the creative use of the makeup you already have on hand. If you're a Disney fan, paint your face into your Disney character of choice and get your kids in on the fun for matching or coordinated costumes. Love the Marvel Universe? Turn your family into a team of Avengers! Can’t get enough of the classic Halloween characters like ghosts, goblins, and witches? Experiment with makeup art to create these characters. With awesome makeup art, you won’t even have to bother with a full-blown costume. However, adding a costume will only make your look even more impressive.

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