What Your Pajamas Say About Your Personality

What Your Pajamas Say About Your Personality

You may not think it, but what you wear to bed says a lot about the type of man you are. Not who you try to be when you think other people are watching – but who you are at your most vulnerable (and tired). Not sure if your pajamas are a good fit for the real you? Keep reading for a few of our insider perspectives on what pajamas you should be wearing at night.

Serious Man

If you wake up thinking about how you can be productive today and won't rest until 'you've handled it,' then the matching top and bottom men's pajama sets are what you should be snoozing in. Made from 100% woven broadcloth cotton, these are designed for more comfort every time you roll over, so you don't waste a single moment of the sleep you need to be the man everyone is counting on. Plus, they look really good with a pair of men's suede slippers while reading the Sunday paper on your porch. Because even a serious man needs to unwind on the weekends.

Mellow Fellow

Tend to be more of a glass-half-full kind of guy and enjoy hanging out on the floor with the kids (or dogs) in the morning? If this sounds like your regular morning routine then you, kind sir, should be wearing your most comfortable T-shirt and flannel pajama pants to greet each day. Made of durable ringspun cotton, our men's flannel pajama pants are strong enough to handle an impromptu wrestling match with your faithful Labrador, but its exceptional softness is more than enough to entice the woman in your life to snuggle close on those chilly winter nights. What more could you ask for from your sleepwear?

Get Up and Go Kind of Guy

If you're the type that likes starting his day as soon as he rolls out of bed in the morning, then you need to be sleeping in some seriously comfortable ‐ but totally acceptable to wear in public ‐ men's sweatpants. Made from a soft, durable cotton/polyester blend with an elastic waist and drawstring for a good fit, our Lands' End men's sweatpants are up for whatever challenges face you early in the morning. Whether being the first one in line for a treadmill, walking the dog through morning fog or just lounging on the couch with a bowl of cereal, our men's sweatpants will help you ease in to your day with reliable comfort. Pair your comfy sweats with an anything-but-basic traditional Men's short sleeve super-t and you'll have nothing but sweet dreams from here on out.

Don't waste another minute of sleep in the wrong PJ's. Shop our line of men's pajamas at landsend.com today.

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