A Guide to Women’s Swimwear Styles

A Guide to Women’s Swimwear Styles

When it comes to women’s swimsuits, there are lots of style options. You can go for one-piece swimsuits, two-piece styles, and swimsuit options that have their own flair about them, too (a ruffled skirt, anyone?).

Tan France from Netflix’s Queer Eye shared with Masterclass the many types of women’s swimsuits and the type that is right for each person, depending on your “personal tastes, including your fashion sense, preference for a one-piece or a two-piece, and the level of body coverage that makes you feel most comfortable.”

Here, we break down the different kinds of swimsuit styles you can shop for all of your summer (or upcoming vacation) needs.

Classic One-Piece

A classic one-piece swimsuit is a go-to for many. Why? Well, they’re modest, easy to move around in, and comfy. According to Tan France, they “provide full coverage for your entire midsection and varying degrees of coverage for your upper body and lower body.”

You can get yourself a one-piece swimsuit in all different shapes and styles, including a plus-size swimsuit or a swimsuit in petite sizing. They also come in many different varieties, including low-cut v-necks, sporty scoop necks, and even long-sleeved options for those of us who need extra sunblock in our beach bag tote.


According to Tan France’s Masterclass article, tankinis are “similar to a tank top, a tankini top extends down to your swim bottoms. This style of swim top can offer a great deal of coverage while still being part of a two-piece set.” The tankini swim style is great for many women and women of all different ages. Tankinis come in all different colors (black, red, navy, pink, and more) and many different styles, too.

You can often find crewneck tankinis, scoop-neck tankinis, and tankini styles in v-neck necklines as well.

Classic Triangle Bikinis

Classic triangle bikinis are the type of swim style that most people picture when they imagine a beach or pool day—and there’s a reason behind that. According to an article by Madeline Fass in Vogue, the bikini style has been around for decades. It was popular “... among both California girls and European starlets in the ’60s and has reigned as a summer classic since. The classic triangle bikini top made appearances in Vogue every decade following...”

Retro Bikinis

If you aren’t looking for a small, triangle-shaped bikini, you can purchase a pair of high-waisted bikini bottoms, which go hand-in-hand with a more retro-style of bikinis and offer a little more coverage than their triangle counterpart. In an article for Vogue by Aemilia Madden, Madden notes that high-waisted bikini bottoms have their perks beyond style, too. “You can “try a high-waisted style—it won’t slide down or slip if you take a dip in the waves. While this trend can have a retro twist, there are plenty of sleek, modern styles to test out too.”

Strapless Swimsuits

Strapless bathing suit styles tend to be great for women who don’t want to have tan lines when they go out in their favorite spaghetti strap midi dress. Whether you’re shopping for a bikini, a tankini, or a one-piece, you’ll be able to find a strapless bathing suit in your desired style. When browsing for a strapless suit, just be sure to find one that fits you snug—you don’t want to have to pull up your swimsuit all day long.


Tan France notes that monokinis are “a hybrid of one-piece swimsuits and bikinis. The top and bottom sections connect, but they still leave most of your midsection bare.” And just how bare is up to you. You can find monokinis that show off most of your midsection or monokinis that just give a little peek at your stomach area. They’re a more conservative option than a traditional bikini but offer a bit of cheeky fun.


Those looking for maximum coverage can choose to wear a swim dress, which, according to Tan France’s Masterclass article, are “swimsuits designed to look and feel like dresses made with nonabsorbent, moisture-wicking materials.” They offer the most coverage of any swimsuit on this list and can often be worn into casual beachside restaurants after a day of swimming and sunning.

Whatever your style, there is sure to be a swimsuit option for you. You can go for something full-coverage, something with a peek of skin, or go for a classic bikini. In the end, wear what makes you feel good this summer!


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