Guide to Virtual Gift Giving

Guide to Virtual Gift Giving

Surprise your loved ones with virtual gifts they’ll love. Even when it’s not possible to be together, you can still enjoy gift-giving for special occasions or just because. Virtual gifting is suitable for kids and adults of all ages. There’s sure to be something to please everyone on your list, from homebodies to the outdoorsy types. Keep reading to learn more about giving virtual gifts.

The Basics of Virtual Gifting

Virtual gifting is a convenient way to celebrate any occasion, such as a birthday, holiday, graduation, or housewarming. You can even give virtual gifts for Mothers Day or Father’s Day. Everything is done online, so there are no shipping fees to pay or gift wrapping to do. When it comes to choosing a virtual gift, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. There’s no risk of choosing an item your recipient won’t like because they’ll be shopping for themselves.

You can order a gift card online and have the actual plastic card mailed to your recipient, but a better option may be to send them a virtual gift card instead — it can’t get lost in the mail and there’s a much lesser chance of losing it. All that’s required to give your gift is your recipient’s email address. You can send your gift card immediately after you purchase it or schedule a delivery date such as a birthday or holiday. Add a personal message to make your gift extra special.

Redeeming a Virtual Gift Card

Lands’ End gift cards are easy to redeem. Included in the email to the recipient is a gift card number and PIN code, which are entered during the checkout process. If you’ve received a gift card that you want to redeem but aren’t sure what to spend it on, here are some ideas for treating yourself:

Hosting a Virtual Celebration

Spend time with loved ones by hosting a virtual holiday or birthday party. Thanks to videoconferencing, you can enjoy a celebration with friends and family no matter how far apart everyone may be. If there’s going to be a gift exchange, have everyone send their virtual gifts to each other before the party. Then, everyone can share what they received during the virtual party and express gratitude to one another.

Virtual parties can be even more fun with the addition of a game. Trivia games are always a good choice, and you can award a small virtual prize to the winner — such as an online subscription or another gift card. Or you could host a viewing party where everyone watches their favorite show or movie together, followed by a discussion afterward. A virtual karaoke contest is yet another party activity to consider. Kids might enjoy a cookie decorating party or an arts and crafts party, where everyone works on the same project.

If you’re not sure what kind of activities your attendees would like best, talk to them beforehand and gather some ideas. You could send a mass email to your invite list with multiple-choice ideas from which they can choose, then select the most popular party idea. To make sure there’s enough time for everyone to respond, send your invites and any party-related correspondence a few weeks before the event if possible.

It’s the Thought That Counts

There’s no wrong way to host a virtual party or give a virtual gift, so use your imagination and come up with your own creative ideas. Your loved ones are sure to appreciate the thought and effort that you put into it, and when it comes to gift-giving, that’s what matters most.


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