A Guide to the Best Shoes for Summer

A Guide to the Best Shoes for Summer

Summer is upon us, which means longer days, hot nights, and treading through beach sand. It’s the season to hit the town, go on a family vacation, and spend romantic summer evenings with your sweetheart. Wherever you go, your shoes will have to take you. The footwear market is a global dynamo, and people spend billions of dollars annually on their shoes. With endless styles and options, it can feel hard or overwhelming to navigate all the terrain. This summer, you’ll want shoes that are comfortable enough to go the extra mile (literally) and yet still stylish. No matter what you do or where you go this summer, put on shoes that have you looking and feeling your best. From the shore to the supermarket and everywhere in between, the right shoes will keep you moving and allow you to stay on your toes. With this guide to the best shoes for summer, you’ll be set all season for wherever your adventures take you.


A family beach vacation is a classic way to celebrate the summer. Find your local beach spot or take a family trip to soak up the sun and enjoy the sand. For your long, hot beach day, you’ll need sandals that can handle getting sandy. The right choice is a cute, comfortable sandal that you can walk through dunes and sand in. Waterproof capability, support, and comfort are key elements when wearing shoes by the ocean and the shoreline. While flip-flops and slides are reliable and can be cute, they aren’t as supportive or comfortable as a strappy sandal, wedge, or gladiator style. Platforms are a fun statement, too, but it can be challenging to walk on uneven sand. Pair your choice of sandals with your beach cover-ups and favorite suits for a full beach outfit. Don’t forget: no summer outfit is complete without sunscreen! Always apply to your feet and toes when they’ll get sun exposure. Whichever sandals you go for, they’ll need to stand the test of the beach and keep you comfortable all day long.


For your active days and time spent exercising in the summer sun, a comfortable, supportive pair of tennis shoes or sneakers is a staple. If your exercise involves running, consider going for running shoes or general athletic shoes. There are hundreds of brands, colors, and styles, so everyone is sure to find the pair that is right for their personality. Sneakers should be supportive—there’s nothing worse than shoes that hurt your feet when you’re up and moving on a long, hot day. Your sneakers should fit and feel great, and you shouldn’t have to think about whether they support your arches and legs. Once you find the pair that offers the right level of comfort and support, choose the design that matches your taste, whether it’s solid colors, stripes, prints, or classic white. Match your favorite women’s activewear or make a statement with a bold color or pattern. Your shoes are a great way to draw attention to your fun style and unique personality. There are endless choices, and you’re sure to find the ones that fit your style and personality. Shoes can be fun, so put one foot in front of the other and get active this summer in your favorite tennis shoes.

Heels and Wedges

For fancier occasions, heels and wedges are great options for footwear styles. For a night out on the town, date night, or ladies’ night, a cute and comfortable pair of summer heels can give you a confidence boost that takes your outfit (and height) to the next level. Every style category has tons of options, and heels are no exception. Find the style you’re comfortable in and the right height you can walk and move in without stumbling or struggling to stay supported.

Water Shoes

For treacherous ocean floors or sifting through seashells, water shoes are a perfect choice. When it comes to protecting your feet, you don’t want to step on the sharp items the ocean floor might hold with bare feet. Shells, crab claws, and rocks can lead to cuts or scrapes that could bring your beach day down. To be on the safe side, wear water shoes when heading into bodies of water, especially if they are murky and you can’t see the bottom. There are tons of sizes and fun color options, so you can find the pair that’s right for your beach day’s water adventures. They’re also great to wear on boats and to waterparks, pools, and piers to have traction on wet, slippery surfaces and protection from stubbed toes or splinters on wooden docks and decks. With water shoes, you can go anywhere this summer and be prepared for wherever the tides take you.

Summer shoes are an important factor in having a great summer. Shoes keep you going and moving and summer is the season for staying active and getting out there. With these styles, you can be set for every kind of summer outing. No matter where you go this summer, go in style with what looks and feels good. Your body and feet will thank you, and you’ll know you look your best in every setting. So soak up the sun, sand, and water this season and have the best summer ever!


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