Guide to Styling Beanies

Guide to Styling Beanies

Not just for hipsters anymore, beanies are proving their place in the world of fashion for both men and women. And they aren’t just for cold weather either. Thanks to the different types of beanies and the different materials they can be made of, they can even be worn in the summer, which is quite convenient on those bad hair days when you want to look effortlessly classy but don’t have the time to mess around with your hair. If you’re new to the beanie scene, or if you’re simply looking for ways to switch up your style, we’ve got some suggestions for when to wear your beanie, which outfits to wear them with, as well as different ways to style them on your head.

During Fall and Winter with Other Cold-Weather Staples

Fall and winter are likely the most ideal times to wear a beanie. However, not all beanies are created equally. Therefore, you can’t expect all beanies to stay on your head during windy weather, nor can you expect them to keep your head dry in heavy rain or snow. Lastly, you can’t assume it will keep you warm, no matter how cozy it looks. Some beanies are made of lighter material that is created more for light warmth and warmer/drier weather. That being said, you can rest assured that they’ll at least look good paired with a winter jacket, gloves, and women’s winter boots. When choosing cold weather beanies, look for wool blends and waffle knits.

During Springtime With Slick Streetwear

Not just for cold weather, beanies are great for those in-between temperatures as well. For example, as spring slowly transforms into summer, you may need to change your wardrobe at the same pace. Switching your wool winter beanie to a lightweight cashmere one can still keep you warm, but not to the point where you’re overheating. It can actually look quite street-savvy when you pair it with a leather trench jacket or other sleek-looking women’s rain jackets. Just make sure you have an umbrella handy or a hood in case rain showers are in the forecast.

When You Need a Pop of Color

Besides warming your head and ears, beanies are great ways to casually add a pop of color to your ensemble. Unlike other accessories like jewelry or purses, beanies aren’t so dressy or formal, so they can have the same effect but in a less formal type of way. If your ensemble is neutral and you want to wake it up a bit — which can often be the case when wearing outerwear that tends to be neutral in color — adding a touch of color with a beanie can take it from drab to fab. Extra embellishments like wording, logos, or pom-poms at the top can give it a touch of fun as well. Feel free to mismatch the colors, too. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the rest of your outfit in order to look stylish.

When You’re Feeling Monochrome

Whether it’s all black or all white, sticking with one color can make an outfit look really classy when styled with a beanie. So if you want to keep it classy by sticking to the monochrome theme, match your beanie to the rest of your ensemble. An outfit like a black belted trench coat with black pants and boots can look quite elegant with a black beanie. Similarly, so can a cream-colored women’s pea coat with cream pants or a long cream pencil skirt.

Wear it Differently on Your Head

It’s not just about the outfit you wear with the beanie; it’s also about how you wear it. For example, the standard method is to wear it without cuffing it, so it covers your ears and rests just above your eyebrows. Depending on the stiffness of the beanie and its length, it may point straight up or it may be a little floppy in the back. Play around with it to see how you prefer it to look. You can also cuff it once if you want to shorten the overall length. Another trendy look is the fisherman look where you cuff or roll the beanie twice before simply wearing it right at the top of your head. This look can accommodate different hairstyles, too, because you can either wear it forward, backward or even a little off to the side. It will probably be a little loose though, so keep in mind this isn’t the option you want for cold, blustery days.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to add some beanies to your wardrobe and find new ways to wear them each day of the week.


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