Guide to Staying Warm in a Dress During Winter

Guide to Staying Warm in a Dress During Winter

A beautiful dress is a fabulous thing to wear during the summer season: dresses are usually light, airy, and provide greater freedom of movement. However, there are so many dress styles that can be worn during the winter season too, so if you are looking for ways to wear dresses during this time of year without getting cold, there are plenty of ways to do that. In this post, we will take a look at how to stay warm in a dress during the winter.

Start With a Winter Dress

There are different dress styles for different seasons; you wouldn’t wear a light, flowy sundress in the dead of winter when it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing, and you wouldn’t wear a chunky knit sweater dress on a sweltering summer day. If you want to incorporate more dresses into your winter wardrobe, you will usually need to focus on dresses designed to be worn during the cold fall and winter months. Start by evaluating the fabric of the dresses you are thinking of adding to your winter wardrobe. Things like knitted wool, cashmere, and anything made with a thicker, high-quality fabric is what you want for a winter dress.

Transform Summer Dresses Into Winter Dresses

As we mentioned in the previous point, it’s a good idea to look at dresses specifically designed to be worn during the colder months. However, if you have a few summer dresses that you still want to show off during the winter season, or you are striving to maintain a minimalist wardrobe, there are a few ways you can turn summer dresses into winter dresses. For example, a sleeveless or spaghetti strap midi dress can be made warmer for the winter by layering a women’s sweater underneath it, such as a form-fitting cashmere turtleneck sweater. And to add even more warmth and extra dimension to the look of the out, you can add an outer layer, like a denim jacket or a long wool coat. The footwear you choose to wear will also help turn a traditionally summery dress into one appropriate for winter (plus, you need solid, high-quality footwear to keep you warm during this season). Things like black leather ankle boots with a chunky heel look fabulous with a midi dress.

Layer Your Favorite Dress With a Cardigan

Cardigans go very well with a variety of dress styles, so if there is a certain dress you are thinking of wearing during the winter season, but you know you’ll need some extra warmth, layer a chic cardigan over it—the thicker and higher quality the fabric, the better. A soft, off-white cashmere cardigan is a luxurious addition to every woman’s wardrobe, and it can be layered quite beautifully over so many winter dresses.

Choose Longer Outerwear Pieces

It’s important to consider what coat you will wear with a winter dress. After all, there are some coat and jacket styles that wouldn’t go well with a dress and others that will serve to bring the winter look to a whole new level. When layering with an outerwear piece, opt for longer coat styles, like trench coats and wool coats. Not only will longer coats go with the outfit better than something shorter, longer coats mean more coverage and more warmth.

Double Up On Layers With Different Textures

The winter season is all about layering. Once you master a few stylish layering techniques, it can be quite fun to experiment with ways to coordinate different textures, plus get the most warmth possible. If it’s an extra blustery day out, but you still want to wear a dress, incorporate three layers on top: a flannel shirt, a sweater, and your outerwear piece. The combination of the dress, the flannel shirt, and the sweater adds greater dimension to the whole look.

Don’t Forget to Layer on The Bottom

Now that we have talked about a few different ways to properly layer a dress on top, we can discuss how to layer on the bottom (which is equally as important). Depending on how cold the temperature will be, you may not have to layer much on the bottom. However, it’s always better to provide as much coverage for your legs as possible during the winter if you are planning to wear a dress. You can layer stylish pieces like stockings or leggings to accent the outfit plus keep your legs warm. In addition to stockings, you can choose footwear that provides even more coverage, like over-the-knee suede boots (a great option when paired with a chic mini skirt or dress).

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