A Guide to Outerwear for Fall 2023

A Guide to Outerwear for Fall 2023

Fall is a magical time. The air is changing, the local wildlife has started thickening its coat for the long winter, and the foliage is becoming more dramatic. Just as the leaves are looking magnificent with their blush of deep oranges, reds, and yellows, it’s time for you to dawn some new looks to celebrate the season. The cool air doesn’t have to make you cold with all the amazing outerwear in style right now.

So Much Outerwear to Choose From

To start off our Guide to Outerwear for Fall 2023, let's first take a look at some of the styles and get our bearings. We’ve selected a few jackets to highlight that we think are out-of-this-world and ready to be paired with any of your favorite fall ‘fits.

The Eye-Catching Bomber Jacket

Our first contestant—the bomber jacket—has our heart. Fashion-forward yet classic, the bomber jacket can top off any outfit and send it to the next level. What’s special about the jacket is that it’s super versatile while never losing that Top-Gun-inspired awesomeness.

A bomber jacket can be paired with a tee, joggers, and a solid color sneaker for a sporty-chic look while keeping the cool temps manageable. Add a sweater or sweatshirt underneath for a chillier day. Alternatively, for a less sporty but still on-trend look, the bomber jacket can be paired with a cashmere turtleneck, slim-fitting trousers, and a cute ankle boot. This jacket not only teams well with pants, it can also look great with a dress or skirt with leggings for your work day. Add a leather bag and tall boots, and you’re ready for an evening in town. Grab a bite and catch a movie without catching a chill by adding a pair of women's leather gloves and one of our soft, stylish women's winter scarves.

The Classic Leather Jacket

Leather (or pleather) jacket? Yes, please! Versatile for cooler nights at the end of summer but also perfect for chilly fall days, the leather jacket definitely has our attention. We love it because it never goes out of style but is easily re-imagined depending on the occasion.

If you’re intimidated by the leather jacket, start by picking the style you will feel comfortable in. You want a fit that is loose enough that you have ease of movement at the shoulder and elbow but not too loose that it’s overly baggy or bulky. A leather jacket teams up well with any of our fit and flare dresses, a cute handbag, and your favorite fall-inspired boots!

The Multifaceted Trench Coat

Versatile and practical, the trench coat catches our eye every time. Offered in a variety of colors, the trench coat is easily made professional by being worn over a dress shirt and khakis with flats and an eye-catching necklace or dressed casually over any of our women's loungewear pieces and an everyday sneaker. We love pairing loose-fitting pants with a showy belt, a tucked-in turtleneck, and a trenchcoat for a nice dinner out or a stroll through the local farmers market.

The Cozy and Cute Plush Coat

If you want to go for ultimate warmth and comfort without sacrificing style, the plush coat is going to be your best friend. The soft, relaxed feel of a plush coat can make going out into the cool fall weather quite pleasant. With a cool breeze on your face, you won’t be bothered because you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket while looking fabulous. Anything goes under a plush coat, and it will look good whether you want to pair it with a pantsuit for work or jeans and a light blazer when you attend the local art show.

The Practical Boxy Coat

We love a nice loose-fitting boxy coat that will allow ultimate comfort and ease of movement. When it comes to boxy coats, a slim-fitting trouser can balance out the bulk of the jacket and even out the outfit’s proportions. On cooler days, a long, fitted sweater worn underneath the boxy coat can streamline your layering without adding excess material to the outfit.

Stay Warm with Ease This Fall

As we’re sure, you already know, if you’ve lived in a colder climate when it comes to staying warm, it’s all about the layers. If you’re worried about being cold as you watch your kid’s soccer game or stand in line for the haunted hayride, we recommend pairing any of the above jackets and coats with ample undergarments like long sleeve shirts and fleeces, or even long johns or leggings under pants.

We hope you’ll find selecting outerwear this fall to be a breeze with our tips and tricks for outfitting a range of jackets and coats. The chilly autumn weather is no match for these awesome outerwear pieces. After this guide, you’re ready to stay warm while keeping on-trend this fall season.


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