Guide to Making a Holiday Party Entrance

Who is She? Your Guide to Making an Entrance This Holiday Season

You can't have a holiday season without a string of garland, a string of Christmas lights, and, of course, a string of holiday parties. Whether you're someone who can't wait for back-to-back soirees or the idea of social engagements this season is making you a little party-shy (it happens to the best of us!), there's no time like a holiday party to make a grand entrance. If you're someone who loves being in the spotlight—or, in this case, the star-at-the-top-of-the-tree light—then you likely already love the feeling of causing a buzz the moment you enter a room. And if you're someone who's a bit shy or socially anxious, we guarantee that walking confidently through those holly-lined doors will leave you feeling totally ready to enjoy the event.

Read on for tips and tricks that'll get you oh-so-ready to make an eyecatching entrance at all of your holiday parties and events this season.

The Power of Body Language

Here's a fun fact to get us started: body language accounts for 55% of communication. Another 38% of communication is made up of the tone you use. That's 93%! Only 7% of communication is based on what we actually say, yet the fear of saying the wrong thing is one of the main causes of anxiety during the holidays.

Make everyone believe that confident body language comes second nature to you by wearing an outfit that naturally encourages good posture. A beautiful cashmere turtleneck or cashmere pullover tunic top can easily have that effect. Something out the luxuriously soft fabric and polished look of these sweaters, and simply knowing that you're wearing one of the world's finest fabrics, will make you want to stand a little taller. Pair it with velvet dress pants or even your most flattering black jeans. Throw on a pair of heels or heeled booties, and you'll have this in the (gift) bag.

As a pro tip, keep your shoulders back, your head up, and think of something pleasant as you walk through the door. Works every time!

Think A Few Steps Ahead

The way in which you enter a holiday gathering will depend upon what type of party you are heading into. Dancing your way through your best friend's foyer? If your friends are as fun as you are, we're sure that's the right move. However, you may want to avoid the fancy footwork as you make your way to your seat at a formal dinner at the in-laws or a more subdued office soiree.

Basically, by thinking ahead to the vibe of the party, you can make an entrance that's perfectly aligned with what you're walking, strutting, twirling, or sashaying into. And the same goes for choosing a perfect outfit. For example, if the event is super formal, make sure your outfit is appropriately dressy. A classic black or camel sweater dress with shimmery tights and heels or booties, plus a statement necklace or drop earrings, is a safe bet for any dressy holiday party. Knowing that you're dressed appropriately for the event but with some personal flair and flattering fits, will guarantee that you feel confident and comfortable as you enter any room.

Test Our Your Looks

We've all heard that you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and this is more than just a saying. Research proves most people decide how they feel about you within the first ten seconds. No pressure, of course, since we're sure that everyone will love you. That said, taking your party clothes for a test run can ensure that you won't be fidgeting as you move about the party.

Finding a look that you're comfortable with and in is key to not only making an entrance that exudes confidence but will also allow you to focus on enjoying the soiree rather than constantly readjusting. Some would swear fit and flare dresses, with their flatters-everyone fit comfy cotton-blend fabric with just the right amount of stretch, were designed precisely for that reason.

Try adding some tights, some shoes that are cute yet comfortable, and perhaps an open-front women's cardigan sweater for a look that'll certainly pass the test run every single time.

Focus on the Footwear

There will be times, plenty of them, when you trip your way into a room, snag your heel on a step, or perform some other less than graceful party foul. They never fail to take place at the absolute worst moment possible when you feel as though all eyes are on you. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that this happens to everyone (literally!) and the best way to ensure it doesn't impact your entrance is to simply shake it off.

That said, proper footwear can serve as some seriously reliable party insurance. For example, if you like to wear heels, make sure that the heel height is one you feel comfortable and confident walking in. Or, if you're a bit wobbly on heels, then opt for some ankle boots or ballet flats. The right women's shoes can make all of the difference when it comes to your holiday party entrance, so make sure you go with a pair that'll keep you feeling both supported and stylish throughout the event.

We hope that these party tips and tricks leave you feeling inspired to walk through any door with confidence. After all, making an entrance at a soiree starts with the energy you exude, although an on-point outfit that looks as great as it feels never hurts. Whether this post gives you just the boost you need, or it's helping you hone your party-entrance-craft, we hope this season is filled with endless reasons to celebrate!

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