Ultimate Guide to Finding Quality Bedsheets

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Quality Bedsheets

We can all agree that the best feeling in the world is coming home after a long day, taking a nice hot shower, and getting into bed with some clean, soft sheets. After all, quality sheets are the key to a good night’s sleep. However, when you find yourself replacing what you thought was the perfect sheet set due to their poor quality, it becomes a nightmare. With so many brands on the market, you may not know what to look for and how to distinguish good quality from bad. There’s a trick to finding the perfect set and that is to follow a trusted guide to help you decide on the perfect sheets for you.

Softest Material

When it comes to bed linens, 100% cotton linens will always be a great choice because of the feel. The price point also makes them affordable. However, if you’re looking for something more luxurious and are willing to spend a little more for that luxury, then you’ll want to go with Egyptian cotton or Supima cotton sheets. These types of linens are made from a plant that produces extra-long cotton fibers that create higher thread counts. The higher the thread count, the more smooth and lavish they feel when compared to your basic cotton sheets.

Most Durable

When it comes to durability, nothing beats Egyptian cotton. However, because Egyptian cotton can cost you more than a few hundred dollars on just one sheet set, Supima cotton may be a better option when it comes to affordability. Supima cotton has the same characteristics as Egyptian cotton, with some exceptions. The plant that is able to make the fibers for Supima is grown in the United States, and Supima cotton is also more affordable when compared to Egyptian. Similarly it is made from extra-long fibers just like Egyptian cotton sheets making Supima linens just as durable as Egyptian ones. A great characteristic of Supima is that the sheets get softer and softer with more use.

Thread Count

We are made to believe that higher thread count is always better because it means the sheets will be softer, which is why they get pricier. That’s not always true. Some manufacturers will increase the thread count without actually increasing the quality. Did you know that good sheets can have as low as a 200 thread count? That’s because it depends on the type of fiber. Each type of material has its own thread count range for the type of fiber that is being used. For example, cotton sheets are good when they are anywhere from 200-400, while the ideal thread count for Egyptian cotton is from 400-700. To give you perspective on our bed sheets, our Supima cotton bed sheets have a thread count of 400 while our cotton sateen sheets have a thread count of 700.

Which is Best for You?

There are a few popular types of bed sheets to choose from and it all depends on your preference. We’ve covered cotton and Egyptian cotton but apart from those two popular options, there are also linen, sateen, flannel and jersey. So how do you decide which one is best for your lifestyle? Here’s a quick rundown of each to help you decide.

The best way to know which sheet set is best for you is feeling your material options before you pick. If you’re shopping online, make sure the store you’re purchasing from allows you to return them in case you’re not satisfied. If you’re shopping in-person, ask the sales clerk if they have ones on display that you can touch and feel or if they can open a pack for you to sample at the store.


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