A Guide to Finding Modest Swimwear

A Guide to Finding Modest Swimwear

It turns out that bikinis and microscopic bathing suits are not suitable for everyone, and depending on the environment and your preference, you may be searching for more modest swimwear this beach season. However, just because you’re looking for more conservative swimwear doesn’t mean you have to skip out on two-piece bathing suits altogether! In fact, there are stunning two-piece options that offer more coverage, which translates easily to more confidence!

From tankinis that offer more upper-body coverage, to swimsuits fixed with skirts or shorts, to even tummy control swimsuits, there are great options for modest swimwear suitable for everything from cruises to children’s beach birthday parties. Here are our top picks for choosing modest swimwear this summer with perfect swim combos and beach cover-ups.

Modest Bathing Suit Tankini Tops

Bathing suit tankini tops are great for full-coverage two-piece swimwear. Unlike your typical bikinis, modest tankinis offer more coverage in a variety of necklines. They tend to cover your stomach area, falling to around your waist. Pair a tankini with a matching bikini bottom of your choice for a full set that is appropriate for all ages. Tankinis offer full coverage and confidence with vibrant patterns and various cuts. Choose from a halter top or a high neckline, depending on the occasion and your desired support.

Bathing suit tankini tops are perfect if you’d like to conceal your tummy region, are attending a more conservative event in the sunshine, or are trying to lower your sun exposure. This style also works well with resort wear. Simply pair a tankini top with a pair of cover-up pants, and you can easily transition from the pool to a restaurant or bar, allowing you the option to go from the beach to another setting easily and without worrying about whether you’ll be appropriately dressed.

Modest Swimsuits with Skirts

Another wonderful option for modest swimwear is bathing suits and tankinis with skirts. These swim styles can still be considered flirty or feminine, with adjustable skirts worn over the bottoms to cover your lower half. Depending on your style, you can choose from a two-piece swimsuit with a skirt or wear a one-piece with an attached skirt. This look is great if you want a more modest fit that hides your bottom. For example, if you love walking the beach but don’t want to show everything, a swimsuit with a skirt is a great option that is beach appropriate, but also conservative. This style is also great for active beach days. Are you planning on being in and out of the water or running around hosting a pool party? Swimsuits with skirts are great because you never have to worry about showing too much.

If you’d like a similar option, swimsuits with shorts also work great for active beach adventures.

Tummy Control Modest Swimsuits

For many, the thought of baring it all at the beach can cause lots of stress! And while all bodies are beautiful beach bodies, confidence is the most important thing you can wear, ever. If you are looking for a swimsuit to accentuate your curves this summer, tummy control swimsuits are the perfect option for sculpting your middle half in a subtle and confidence-building way. Available in several styles, from tankinis to one-pieces and high-waisted bottoms, there are so many options. Choose a bathing suit based on your desired support. For example, if you’re planning on running around after kids on the beach, opt for full support to make your beach days that more worry-free.

Modest Beach Cover-Ups Swimwear

Beach cover-ups are a must-have if you are searching for modest swimwear. Cover-ups can be worn over bathing suits for commutes to the beach or to the pool, and they can also be thrown over swimwear for quick bites at the pool restaurant at resorts. There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect beach cover-up. Where are you sunning – at a resort, a beach, or your own pool? Additionally, are you searching for a cover-up that can be worn to shield sunlight and to help eliminate sun exposure? These factors will help you choose the perfect beach cover-up.

For resort wear, we recommend searching for a style you like, but remember to choose a fabric that doesn’t easily crease and can be pulled out of a beach bag at a moment’s notice. If you are planning a fishing trip, or a family day at the beach, consider a fabric that protects against the sun’s harmful rays. These cover-ups are lightweight, but the fabric contains fibers that shield from the penetrable sun for a protective layer that you’ll never notice.


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