A Guide to Custom Gear for Your Family Reunion

A Guide to Custom Gear for Your Family Reunion

Family reunions are generally relatively rare by definition. Having reunions "often" usually means once a year, sometimes once every two years. These are unique occasions where you get to reconnect with far-flung family members and make memories. Since you want the reunion to be unforgettable, it makes sense that you might want a memento of your reunion to take back with you and remind you of the lovely time you had. The best items are ones you can customize to suggest something important from the event and ones you use regularly so you can keep the memories in the front of your mind. Here is a guide to custom gear for your family reunion.


These are classic event memorabilia. You can buy in bulk both men's t-shirts and women's t-shirts, so you can accommodate families of all sizes. Customizing a t-shirt is also relatively inexpensive and can be quite fun. If your family reunion has a theme to refer to or a family-famous quote, you can use them as ideas for decorating and making these t-shirts special.


If your reunion is being held outside in the heat, everyone might be glad for a little shade and sun protection. A hat serves both of these functions and, if you get them wet, can also be a delightful cooling device. They can be customized with a family name, a coat of arms, or another family symbol. From baseball caps to bucket hats or fisherman's hats, you have some fun options for your family reunion headwear.

Tote Bags

Everyone uses tote bags, whether for picnics, grocery shopping, or trucking the miscellaneous to the next location. It's a great way to give your family a reminder of your family reunion. There is more space on a tote bag, which can give you more decorating options as well. Plus, you don't need to worry about it needing to fit anyone, unlike with clothes. You can just go with "big," and you will make everyone happy!

Toys and Inflatables

Bring some of that family reunion fun home with a family reunion toy or inflatable. Blow-up beach balls with a customized nod to your family or a frisbee for each branch of the family with a cool design give you something to do while at the reunion, and then later, you take them home, and they remind you of all the fun games you played with your loved ones.


Your family can be the cool ones! Sunglasses can come relatively cheap with a small space on the arm alongside the head for a custom message. Sunglasses will definitely be in use all during the hot months and, if it is a sunny winter day, potentially during the colder months as well. This item is a fun way to remember relaxing and reconnecting with your family at a family reunion.

Cups and Koozies

Eating and drinking are a big part of coming together. You can take advantage of that by using customizable cups to indicate the awesome family that is drinking from them. No need to worry about different sizes for these items, either. Just buy some in bulk, and you'll have a souvenir for as long as the cups last. If your weather is a bit more extreme, koozies might be the better choice. You have to use them anyway while at your event, and they can be used for any cold beverage at any time, leading to a flood of lovely memories with each sip.

Water Bottles

It is always smart to offer custom gear that people will use regularly and not throw out after the party. There are few who don't own a water bottle for practical and sustainability reasons. Your family would appreciate and use a custom water bottle during and after your family reunion. You can decorate with a family name and special design, or if your family is a smaller one, you can put the names of the family members on their designated water bottles. Cute, useful, and no confusion! Perfect!

Picnic Blankets

Simple picnic blankets with a family symbol or design in the middle or on the corner could be a great option for remembering a family reunion. Excellent for picnics in hot weather and snuggling in cold weather, you never know when you might need an extra fleece blanket. These could be considered a bigger-ticket item, but at one per family, they might make more sense depending on the number of branches in your family. Buying in bulk can also reduce costs quite a bit. If this is the custom product you have been waiting for, find a deal and go for it!

Who knew there were so many options for customizable family memorabilia? You have plenty of choices and lots of fun to have and remember, so find what works best for your family and have a blast at your family reunion event!


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