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A Guide to Spring Cleaning and Decorating Your Home

Spring cleaning and decorating can help your home feel its breezy, beautiful best for all that lies ahead when the temperatures rise. From fun spring get-togethers to relaxed summer barbecues, spring cleaning and decorating can go a long way in prepping your home for summer fun and relaxation.

Keep Spring Cleaning Simple

Try to keep your spring cleaning process as simple and streamlined as possible. Create your checklist in advance and be sure to mark down the specific areas in your home that need attention. A general checklist can be a good start, but you’ll want to tailor it to your particular needs. Put neglected areas and spaces that need to be organized on your spring-cleaning to-do list. If your list seems overwhelming, narrow it down to the most important tasks and reserve time throughout the year to take on organization projects or decluttering tasks.

Get Help From Family and Friends

Enlist the help of family and friends to make spring cleaning easier. Ship the little kids off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and offer up pizza and beverages for other friends and family members willing to cooperate (the promise of a future pool party or barbecue won’t hurt either). Plan to have tasks available to assign to anyone that is able to help so that no one is standing around with nothing to do and the process can go smoothly. Include teens and older kids in the spring cleaning, too–they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and you can reward them with a family outing, extra time with friends, or another treat.

Get Essential Supplies, But Don’t Go Overboard

You might be surprised at just how much you can accomplish with some white vinegar, baking soda, and microfiber cloths. While there are tons of new cleaners and solutions on the market, you don’t have to blow your budget on supplies and cleaners to get your spring cleaning done. Use basic recipes for natural cleaners, or make the most of all-purpose cleaners, a dish soap-and-hot water mix, and your trusty microfiber cloths and sponges. Other essentials are dusters (you may need a telescoping pole for tall ceilings), dusting cloths, a good vacuum, broom and dustpans, mop, various polishes for your furniture and appliances, bathroom cleaners, and laundry detergent for items like shower curtains and small bathroom rugs that can be washed in the washing machine.

Work From Top to Bottom and Check Off Tasks

Once you’ve carved out the time for your spring cleaning and you’re ready to begin working, make sure you work from top to bottom of each room to stay as efficient as possible. This way you’ll only clean what needs cleaning instead of having to re-clean areas. As you work through all your tasks, check each one off your list so you can see what’s already been done. Soon you’ll be ready to celebrate!

Toss Worn Home Items and Outdated Décor

As you are preparing your home for spring and summer, be sure to take stock of what items are in good condition and what items are worn, in need of repair, or are just out of style. Look at items like curtains, rugs, summer kitchenware, tablecloths, cushion and furniture covers, outdoor furniture, decorative items, and even things like summer bed sheets, duvets, comforters and other bedding. A few new touches can go a long way in freshening up your home.

Shop for Spring and Summer Home Necessities

After giving gently used items to charity and tossing those pieces of décor that are beyond use, you can get ready to refresh your home with great seasonal essentials. Look at each room individually and make a brief list of what it needs. Maybe the accent furniture in the guest room could use a coat of paint, or the bedroom blinds need an update. Get new throw pillows to transform the living room or outdoor chairs for a fresh-looking patio area. Add unique shower curtains to the bathrooms or place new valences on kitchen windows. Even a small update to each room can leave your home feeling brand new.

Brighten Up With Spring and Summer Color Palettes

From your front door rug to your towels, having seasonal colors can make a world of difference. Check current color trends or choose classic colors that feel new for the season. Light colors, pastels, and brights are always stylish for warm weather and can make any area feel relaxed, cool, and inviting.

Get Ready to Relax in Your Remarkable Home

Spring cleaning is no easy task, but once you’ve put in the time and effort to update the spaces throughout your home, you’ll marvel at how fresh and remarkable everything feels. From washing the windows to putting out new seasonal throws, you’ll have a space that everyone will be able to relax in and enjoy.


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