A Boy’s Guide to Shopping Online for the First Time

A Boy’s Guide to Shopping Online for the First Time

Shopping for boys can be tricky. They grow so fast. Plus, you must think about current trends, the changing seasons, their endless list of destinations and activities, and their picky tastes. Boys will be boys, and their friends, favorite cartoons, and older siblings will somewhat influence their preferences. You may dread shopping for your boys. Or you may love the entire ordeal. Whatever you feel about it, our guide should make your shopping experience much more manageable. From knowing what staples to purchase to considering trends, follow our tips below and start shopping better for your boys today.

Purchase Wardrobe Staples

Essential items you can purchase for your boys are wardrobe staples. Buying staples online will make sure they have multiple versatile layering pieces for year-round style and comfort.

Consider the upcoming seasons. For warmer months, buy a mixture of solid and graphic boys’ T-shirts (featuring their favorite cartoons, superheroes, patterns, and colors). Also, purchase chino and denim shorts. As for the shoes, remember sandals for especially warm days.

To prepare for colder seasons, invest in comfortable sweaters for boys (V-necks, crewnecks, and round necks). Do not forget quality outerwear and boots!

Finally, there are apparel pieces that work well anytime during the year. Your boys can wear the following items whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall: boys’ jeans, trousers, sweatpants, hoodies, button-down shirts, sneakers, hats, belts, and underwear.

Shop for Specific Purposes

Boys have plenty of events and activities beyond going to school. From Easter Sunday and dinner with the grandparents to new sports and summer vacations, boys’ schedules can fill up quickly! If you are shopping for special occasions and activities (think suits and vests for boys, you will want to plan well ahead since more and more people are turning to the vast internet to take care of their shopping needs. That way, if their wedding attire does not fit quite right, you will have plenty of time to make a return or go to the tailor. When shopping for specific events months ahead of time, you may find those items on sale during off-seasons rather than waiting until the last minute.

Consider Trends

As mentioned before, evolving kids can be picky beyond not having the desire to eat their veggies. Their personalities are growing while being influenced by so much: their older siblings and cousins, their schoolmates and friends, and the media. Try to keep up with the trends and listen to your boys. They will keep you up to date with what’s hot (and what’s not). Research trendy sites for boys and keep them bookmarked. Better yet, sign up for newsletters or emails or follow those brands on social media to remain in the loop for the latest drops. Your cool boys will thank you.

Invest in Versatile Footwear

Shoes can make an outfit glow. No doubt! So, investing in quality, versatile shoes is something you should consider. Once they grow out of the shoes, you can pass them down to younger siblings or donate them. Purchase different shoes for multiple occasions. For the colder seasons, invest in quality boots that can take on any adverse weather or more stylish ones for holiday parties. Your boys will also need dress shoes, Oxfords, or derby shoes for dressier occasions, such as dining with the family at restaurants, weddings, and special church services.

Finally, boys adore stylish sneakers. And not just any sneakers, but the coolest and trendiest pairs of sneakers out there. Do your research and make sure you invest in stylish sneaks for your little sneakerheads that they can wear from the school grounds to the playground (and everywhere in between).

Read the Product Description

When reading product descriptions, look for important details to help you make your purchases. Product descriptions may provide you with crucial details, such as the fit of the items. Descriptions may include terms such as stretchy, oversized, slim fit, and more that will help you determine the true fit. Also, reading the customer reviews will give you an understanding of how clothing truly fits.

If your boys have skin allergies, pay attention to the fabric type. If you are unsure of a fabric, do your research to decide if the fabric’s the right fit. Care instructions are also important. You are a busy bee, so the ability to toss clothing in the washing machine and dryer is vital. However, keep in mind that suits, vests, and cashmere sweaters for boys may need a bit more TLC.

Get Their Garments Tailored

Sometimes, knowing your boys’ measurements, reading the product description and reviews, and choosing the correct sizes are not enough, and you still may end up buying clothing that does not fit quite right. If the fit is slightly off, getting the apparel tailored is your best bet. You do not have to worry about making any time-consuming returns.

Shopping for your boys does not have to be tricky. Yes, there’s much to consider. But you have access to so many online stores, brands, and trends. Follow brands online to keep up with what’s trending. Listening and keep track of your boys’ growing interests. They may not be able to try on their clothes in the dressing room, but if the clothes do not fit quite right, you can always go to the neighborhood tailor. Shop today at boys’ clothing stores like Lands' End for year-round quality styles.

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