A Guide to Finding the Best Petite Bikini

A Guide to Finding the Best Petite Bikini

Today’s beach fashion is more exciting than ever. Not too long ago, petite women had to shop for swimsuits that were based on a taller model. This resulted in one-pieces and bikinis that didn’t take shorter torsos and legs into consideration. But today, the petite bikini has changed the way women shop. This specialized category considers the unique measurements of a shorter person and offers flattering cuts for any style. Here’s a guide to finding the perfect cute petite bikini.

Find the Right Combo for You

One type of bikini is not going to be universally right for every woman. In petite sizing, body types are vastly different, ranging from size small to plus size. Different body shapes like a ruler, apple, pear, and hourglass are also in play. Therefore, this guide is meant to focus on the general style considerations that many petite women share, which are elongating torsos and legs. It is important to know your body type and adjust these tips to your needs. This is why different combos of tops and bottoms often suit different petite women.

High Neck Tops

High neck tops like halters offer a good solution to petite women who have a shorter torso. The extra length of the high neck adds some length. It is also a great look for women with narrow shoulders and smaller chests. This is also a flattering cut for many body types beyond athletic builds. This cut is also great for women who need the support of a DD bikini top too! It’s simply fashion that makes everyone feel good. Go for a functional, sporty look with clean lines and basic color blocks, or select a top with delicate lace and embroidery. To make the illusion of an even longer torso, you can pair this with a low-rise bottom, but it also looks great with a high-rise bottom as well.

Bikini Tops

Bikini tops are among some of the most flattering styles on petite women. Whether you choose a string “triangle” top, deep v-neck halter, or demi underwire top, the extra skin you show off elongates your torso and makes you look taller. Select the style of top that provides the support and coverage you prefer for your activity level and body type. Smaller busts generally benefit from the extra definition provided by softly lined cups, while larger cups typically have an underwire for an extra level of support.

High-Waisted Bottoms

If you’re a petite woman with a pear-shaped body, then high-waisted swimsuits will look great on you. High-waisted bottoms emphasize your waist at its narrowest point and emphasize your amazing curves. They also feel secure and modest, which is great for social situations where you desire more coverage, like a family-friendly pool party. They don’t ride down or need to be pulled up frequently because they are naturally secured at your waist. If you have a short torso, wear a high-necked halter top to create the illusion of length. To make your legs look longer, avoid boy shorts. High-cut bottoms are especially flattering and elongate the legs.

Low Rise Bottoms

If you want to create a longer torso, then low-rise bottoms can help you achieve this goal. They create extra distance between your top that creates the illusion of a longer torso. To make your legs look longer, select high-cut bottoms instead of a swim skirt. These bottoms look good with practically any top: tankini, halter, bandeau, and more. For maximum flexibility in your fit, get a low-rise bottom with ties on the side. This style helps you create the exact amount of coverage you want for the most flattering fit.

Patterns and Colors

When it comes to petite swimwear, elongating your figure is the name of the game! Your swimsuit’s patterns have much power in making you look taller. To make the most out of your prints, steer clear of horizontal stripes. Instead, vertical lines and patterns that work together to make you look taller are better for petite frames. Darker colors also help you look taller than lighter colors like pink or white. In design, light colors make an area look wider, and in the case of clothing, shorter. That’s why a solid black bikini is a sure win for a petite woman.

When You Want More Modesty

If you prefer more coverage than what a bikini offers, then you can certainly find modest alternatives. One-piece suits and tankinis in dark colors and vertical prints have similar elongating effects that look excellent on petite women. One-pieces that define the waist are also extremely flattering. Pick a suit that is belted at the waist to create the illusion of longer legs – and an ultra-chic silhouette. Experiment with high and deep v-neck cuts to find the style that sings to you. One-piece suits or tummy control swimsuits are also great for anyone who wants some extra support.

Every year, new styles of swimsuits emerge that embrace every type of style and body type. Use these tips and follow your heart to find your favorite-fit swimsuit this summer.


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