A Guide to Dressing Your Kids For a Virtual Playdate

A Guide to Dressing Your Kids For a Virtual Playdate

Kids desire to connect socially and to maintain friendships and develop valuable social skills. In this time of social distancing, virtual playdates offer safe and fun ways to stay in touch. It’s also an excellent way to keep in touch with family and friends who live long distances away. When you show up to a playdate, it’s important to look presentable and feel comfortable at the same time. For a successful playdate, get your kids ready in cozy and presentable clothing like kids' jeans and other basics. This ensures that they will have a great time and look good too. To assemble the best online hangout outfits, here’s a guide to dressing your kids for a virtual playdate.

Look Sharp in Comfortable Casual Shirts

Even when apart, it’s important to make good impressions and to carry a good appearance when socializing. This means that in dressing for a virtual playdate, your kids can stick to similar guidelines for dressing for in-person meetups. Be sure to have your child do their daily routine for self-care so that their face is clean and hair is brushed and neat — this will help them look their best. 

Overall, as long as your child is comfortable and looks sharp, you have a winning outfit. Make sure that your child has plenty of cozy and attractive shirts to wear since most virtual meetings show one’s shoulders and face. Polo shirts or comfy kids' T-shirts can be used in many outfits to create a presentable appearance. 

Relax in Comfortable Bottoms

Now, one advantage of being virtual is that your kids can get away with wearing more casual and comfortable pants like elastic waist shorts and skirts, which can also double as loungewear. Comfortable pants can also come in the form of boys' jeans with adjustable waistlines and leggings. Though your kids can scale down on the formality of their bottoms, make sure that the piece matches with their tops.

Another reason why comfortable bottoms are useful is that your kids will feel free to move around. Who knows if the kids would like to try a new dance tutorial video or show off their latest moves from karate lessons? Give them the ability to stay as active as kids want to be, especially when they like to socialize through shared hobbies that involve plenty of movement.

Cozy Dresses Make Dressing Up Easy

Girls have one of the best-kept secrets in their wardrobe: kids' dresses. Even though people think it takes them a long time to get ready, it actually takes less time to put an outfit together with one piece. Dresses are a one-and-done deal: put it on, do your hair, and you’re ready for a virtual playdate, but you look extra stylish!

Have your kids choose among different colors, styles, and patterns to diversify their dress options. Maxi dresses are elegant and flowy, comfortable in any season. Sundresses are cheerful, beautiful, and perfect for special occasions. Your kids will feel confident to do a wide range of playdate activities like a virtual movie night, birthday party, and more.

Stay Comfortable in Hoodies & Sweats

Sometimes you just want to be comfortable and hang out with your best friends in a low-key way. When you need the coziest outfit and stay warm to boot, a hoodie and sweats combo is sure to fit your mood. Fleece-lined loungewear like boys' sweaters also look good out in the street or at home. These outfits are also good for virtual chats that happen outside when the weather is getting cooler. After all, why restrict the fun to just indoors? When hangout clothes are ready for any weather, you can plan your next s’mores and firepit virtual hangout with ease.

Use Schoolbags to Be Prepared

Your kids can fill their backpacks with their favorite toys and gadgets. After all, if kids like watching videos of other kids playing with toys, why not bring toys to a virtual playdate too? Depending on your child’s age, you may need to encourage them to prepare these items in advance so that they are not left scrambling to find their “show and tell” items. They can also bring arts and crafts into their bags if the playdate involves some creative pursuits, such as a virtual paint lesson.

There are so many ways to dress so that your kids look ready for a lot of virtual playdate fun. Stay comfortable and look great in these accessible options!


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