4 Great Workout Outfits for Spring

4 Great Workout Outfits for Spring

From the new leaves on the trees (finally!) to spring cleaning, this season is all about fresh starts. And, chances are, that one go-to gym tee you’ve had forever agrees. This is the perfect time of year for refreshing and updating your workout looks, especially if some fitness-related New Year's resolutions are on the docket or if you’re just looking forward to being able to get moving outside in nature again.

Whether you’re keeping up with your regular gym routine, looking to refresh your golf or tennis looks, finding some new at-home yoga classes to do, planning some fun spring hikes, or crushing it on your morning runs, having the right workout outfits can help you get and stay motivated. Read on for some workout outfit ideas that'll be perfect for all of your spring activewear needs.

A Skort and a Polo Shirt

You’ll feel (and likely be) unstoppable on the tennis court or golf course in a performance skort and polo shirt. This timeless athletic outfit also happens to be oh-so-flattering in addition to practical and flexible, so you’ll likely be making some plans for doubles or for the driving range simply to have more excuses to rock this look.

Opt for an active knit skort or a performance chino skort in khaki, navy blue, or black, and pair it with a short or long sleeve women's polo shirt, depending on which length is more comfortable. In terms of the skort length, you’ll want to opt for something that falls right above the knee for ease of flexibility and movement. Paired with your comfiest pair of sneakers and a visor or athletic hat if the sun’s out, you’ll want to wear this workout outfit on repeat all spring.

A Pair of Mesh Shorts and A Moisture-Wicking Tank

A pair of mesh athletic shorts is essential for your spring workouts, especially for heading to the gym. From setting new personal bests in the weight room to jamming out on the elliptical, a pair of breathable mesh workout shorts will allow you to move and sweat without having to worry about comfort or breathability.

Pair your shorts with a moisture-wicking tank, like a crewneck tunic tank top with an odor-absorbing finish, and layer this top over your favorite sports bra. This versatile workout outfit is also great for spin or rowing classes since it provides the right balance of coverage and flexibility while you sweat it out. Simply throw on your gym sneakers and you’ll be good to go!

A Pair of Leggings and a Zip-Up Hoodie

This next outfit idea is perfect for all of your spring hikes, in addition to workouts like pilates and yoga that require a lot of stretching. Start with a pair of breathable women's workout leggings that are either ankle length or capri length in a neutral solid shade or a fun floral print (it is spring, after all!). Opt for leggings that provide just the right amount of stretch to keep you comfy for an all-day adventure out on the trail or to keep you feeling flexible during a challenging yoga, Pilates, or barre class.

Next, throw on a moisture-wicking workout tee, and then add a performance zip-up hoodie layer. Having layers is essential for an outdoorsy workout in the spring since the weather can be a bit unpredictable, and this also happens to be ideal for those indoor classes that start easy and get a bit tougher as you work up a sweat.

A Pair of Joggers and a Performance Pullover

For morning runs or even brisk pre-work walks with your pup, look no further than a pair of comfy women's joggers that you can rock with an easy pullover.

This outfit will provide just the right amount of warmth for spring mornings, which will also make it easier to get up and get going on those mornings when you just want to hit snooze one more time (don’t worry, we get it!). Opt for a pair of flattering joggers with a trendy ankle hem and pair these with a performance cowl neck top with adjustable drawstrings. This fuss-free outfit is perfect for breaking a sweat and for stopping by a coffee ]shop on your way home, not to mention for all of your weekend lounging needs on those hard-earned rest days.

With these workout outfits in your activewear rotation, you’ll be in great shape for all of your spring activities. No matter what your fitness routine looks like, these looks will provide just the right amount of coverage and flexibility, from the trail to the elliptical or the tennis court.


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