Great Workout Outfits for Men

Great Workout Outfits for Men

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you perform better. Getting the most out of your workout routine starts with wearing the right outfit. With so many options out there these days, you probably already know that heading to the gym in a cotton t-shirt and sweatpants is not the move, but finding the best outfit for you and your routine can be overwhelming.

We are here to break it down for you and help you find the best men’s workout clothes for you and your workout routine.

First, it is important to consider what your preferred workout is. This will be the biggest factor in choosing the right pieces for your workout attire. You would not want to wear cleats for a jog around the neighborhood or climbing shoes to the pool. In the same vein, you also should not wear basketball shorts for a long-distance run (this comes with the risk of chafing) or a cotton t-shirt to the gym (there are much more comfortable and breathable, sweat-wicking options). You will want the best options for tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories to keep you looking and feeling both comfortable and stylish.


Unless your activity of choice is something like indoor swimming at the gym pool, you will likely need a top. Whether you are heading to the gym for strength training, going rock climbing, running, or doing yoga, a good quality, moisture-wicking top with antimicrobial properties is the best option. These tops will be the most comfortable option for nearly every type of workout. They are lightweight, cool, and can help keep you dry and comfy during even the most challenging workout. If you are working out outside or need a layer for going to and from the gym, we recommend a men's athletic jacket specially designed for warmth during activity. For more strenuous outdoor winter activities, such as long-distance running, a sleeveless option like a down or fleece vest over your microfiber workout shirt is ideal.

If your activity of choice is outdoors, we recommend opting for one that provides SPF protection. For outdoor swimming and water sports, make sure to get yourself a long-sleeved high SPF men's rash guard.


Is there a difference between running shorts and training shorts? In short, yes. And knowing the difference between the two can help you decide which is better for your workout or activity.

Typically, training shorts are a bit longer. These shorts fall just above the knee, so they will not affect or inhibit your range of motion and still provide more coverage than running shorts. Training shorts tend to be the style of choice for workouts at places like the gym, as they also typically feature pockets for your wallet, keys, or membership card.

Running shorts are shorter, and these are the style of choice for more cardio-based activities. They offer a greater range of motion and can keep you cool whether you are running on a treadmill at the gym or out on a trail.

Yoga pants are also a great option for men’s activewear. Yoga pants tend to be tight-fitting, protecting you from the chaffing that can occur from intense activity in loose-fitting gym shorts and pants. They are also frequently made from sweat-wicking materials, perfect for even the most intense workout.

Socks and Shoes

For any dry-land training activities, socks and shoes may be the most important aspect of your workout outfit. As with other aspects of your outfit, the material is arguably the most important factor when deciding what type of socks are best for your workout. Cotton is a fantastic, comfortable, renewable material for everyday wear, but it is the last material you want to wear while sweating it out. Cotton is absorbent, easily stained, and does not resist odors or the microbes that cause them. Merino wool is a great alternative to cotton for activewear, especially when it comes to men’s socks. Merino wool is moisture-wicking, has antimicrobial properties, and is super comfortable. This material is also great for any environment or climate since it comes in different styles, thicknesses, and thread counts depending on your activity and how warm or cool you want your feet to stay during your activities.

Shoe choice, of course, will vary greatly depending on how you choose to work out. Finding the best men’s shoes for your workout is very important, not just for optimizing performance but also for protecting your feet, knees, and back. Running in training shoes, for example, can result in knee and back issues, as they do not have the shock-absorbing factor that running shoes do. But keep in mind, unless you already know which style and fit are perfect for you, you should ideally be doing your shoe research in person, where you can try on various styles to find what is best for you.

Looking good, feeling good, and staying cool and dry are critical to getting the most out of your workout. Whether shopping for a new pair of men's athletic shorts or shopping for a whole new workout outfit, we hope this has helped guide you in finding the absolute best workout outfit for you.


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