5 Great Groomsmen Gifts

5 Great Groomsmen Gifts

Your nearest and dearest have been there for you through the ups and downs of life, through good times and bad. Now that you’re tying the knot, your closest friends are showing up yet again to help ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. Traditionally, the groom gives their groomsmen a gift on the day of the wedding as a token of their gratitude for all their efforts. But finding the perfect thing to gift your groomsmen can be quite an overwhelming chore. While there is nothing wrong with the classic gift options of flasks or koozies, you’re here because you want to give your buddies something meaningful and unique. Read on for the best in groomsman gift inspiration.


Everyone loves a delicious treat. Treat your groomsmen to a gift they can fully enjoy, and opt for edible party favors. Navigating dietary restrictions and allergies can be intimidating, but fortunately, there are endless possibilities, including individualized snack baskets, beverages, and even gift cards to their favorite places to eat.

Pack your groomsmen an individualized, personalized lunch bag. They can keep the bag to reuse over and over while having the thoughtfully selected beers, jerkies, cheeses, crackers, etc., to enjoy at their leisure.

If this sounds like too much work, there are services that pre-package fun and thoughtful gift baskets for you. Thoughtful and personalized wedding gifts for your wedding party are just a click away.


Speaking of consumables, a classic and fan-favorite groomsmen gift is a nice bottle of liquor for each member of your wedding party. This gift is old-fashioned but thoughtful and classy. If you have members of your wedding party who happen to be non-drinkers, you can still go this route! Non-alcoholic spirits, both for sipping and mixing, are increasingly popular — and delicious. Gift your party their bottles of choice in fun, personalized tote bags.


A current trend in the gift-giving world is that of gifting subscription services. Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines anymore (although, depending on your groomsmen, magazines and books could be just the right type of subscription!) Activewear subscription boxes are fantastic gifts for the athletes and gym rats in your life who seem to collect men's workout clothing, while a meat and cheese subscription box could be an ideal choice for the foodie in your party.


The best gifts in life are the ones we can’t buy or hold. So give your best buds a gift they’ll cherish and remember forever by having an adventure together. Organize a pre-wedding camping trip, for example. Pack your hiking boots and have a weekend outdoor adventure together. Have your buds ever been ziplining? Treat the party to a day of treetop canopy adventure.

You could also consider a weekend beach trip for the group. Consider the individuals in your wedding party to help you decide what activities everyone would enjoy. A group of introverts, for example, likely won’t fully enjoy a night out at a club but may love spending an evening at a quiet cigar bar. Perhaps your best friend who is scared of heights would prefer not to go rock climbing with you but would love a weekend of paddle boarding on the river. Whether you decide to do a pub crawl in town or go parasailing at the beach, your friends will appreciate your thoughtful consideration of their individual preferences.


Along the same lines, purchasing tickets to an event is a fantastic gift to show your appreciation for your groomsmen. Again, this is another way to consider each individual in your party and show them you see them and appreciate them both as a group and as individuals. You could purchase tickets to a sports event and organize for the whole group to see a favorite local sports team. If you and your besties love the same music, consider treating them to a concert or show.

If neither of these sounds like your group, you could gift each person their own individual experience. Tickets to comedy shows, concerts, theater, sports events, or even tickets to a theme park are all super fun and thoughtful gifts for your friends.

If several or all of your groomsmen are already married or partnered themselves, you could also consider gifting a date night for your groomsmen and their significant others. Perhaps, present them with a gift card to their favorite restaurant and a nice bottle of wine or other beverage. For those with kids, you could maybe even help arrange or pay for a sitter. This is a particularly thoughtful gift if their wedding party duties have taken them away from their home life during the planning of your big day.

Don’t forget, asking friends to be your groomsmen means more than just planning your bachelor party. Taking the time to give thoughtful groomsmen gifts is a token of your appreciation for their support and friendship.


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