Going Over the Top Without Breaking a Budget With Your Home Décor This Winter

Going Over the Top Without Breaking a Budget With Your Home Décor This Winter

If you think it isn’t possible to create a delightfully over-the-top Christmas décor theme throughout your home without breaking the bank, think again. You don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to compete with your neighbor’s holiday setup. You can give your home a magical touch with a variety of affordable holiday décor pieces. The key is to get creative! In this post, we will help you with that by taking a look at some of the most unique, over-the-top holiday and winter decorations for a dreamy winter wonderland look.

Balloons in Festive Colors

Balloons aren’t reserved solely for birthdays or other special celebratory events like graduations and anniversaries; they can be used throughout the holiday season too! If you are working with a limited budget this year, you’ll be relieved to hear balloons are still affordable. You can place the balloons throughout your home or create an arch over your front doorway. Shop for balloons in various holiday colors and create a color scheme: red and white, green and red, white and blue, gold, and silver…aim for a combination of two to three different colors. If you have kids in the house, they will be especially delighted to wake up every morning in December to rooms full of balloons!

Swap Your Regular Exterior Lights for Something More Festive

Don’t have the time, energy, or money to decorate the exterior of your home from head-to-toe in Christmas lights? Not to worry! One simple, effective, and affordable hack is to swap out all of your exterior light bulbs for bulbs in more festive colors like red and green. This will create a cozy, holiday hue and nicely accentuate your home’s facade during the holiday season. That little pop of color is all that’s needed to make a festive impression and give your home a magical touch.

Go Overboard With Candles

Candles offer an affordable solution to creating a cozy, festive atmosphere throughout your home. Whether you have old holiday-scented candles hidden away in storage or need to make a trip to the store to shop for new fragrances, candles won’t cost you much. Having an assortment of candles in various sizes and scents will give your home a wintery wonderland feel and have you eager to curl up on your sofa and enjoy the illuminating beauty of the flames. Place small, flameless LED tea candles in your windows so you can enjoy their beauty from the interior and exterior of your home. Decorate your dining room table with a larger centerpiece candle and add small pieces of garland or cranberries near the candle’s base. Accent your coffee table, side table, and nightstand with candles too.

Keep The Feeling of Warmth Going All Winter Long

It can feel quite sad to throw out the tree and tear down the Christmas decorations after the holidays. So who says you have to? While you probably wouldn’t want to keep your tree up till April, there are many cozy decorations that can help you maintain a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the rest of the winter season. Consider hanging string lights up in your home; on the walls, along dressers and credenzas, and around different doorways in your house. Evenings will feel much cozier with the soft light bouncing off the walls of your home. Another way to create a cozy winter atmosphere in your home is by keeping artificial winter floral arrangements displayed in your dining room, living room, and bedrooms. In the previous point, we mentioned candles and those are most certainly decorative pieces you can keep up all winter long (plus, they will go nicely with your string lights). Don’t forget to keep plenty of throw pillows and throw blankets you can easily curl up in when going to bed or relaxing on the couch.

Keep The Greenery Up

Decorative greenery like real and artificial plants, garland, and wreaths are perfect for the holiday season, but like candles and string lights, you can also keep them up all winter long. Give your home a magical fairytale feel with the help of various greenery placed throughout your home. If you have a fireplace, keep green plants on the mantle. You can also place real or artificial greenery on your bedside table, coffee table, dining room table, and any other surface in your house. The combination of the right lighting and greenery will provide you with a timelessly cozy winter atmosphere and the best part is, you don’t have to spend an extravagant amount of money to achieve that.

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