Why It’s Worth Going All Out for Father’s Day

Why It’s Worth Going All Out for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special time when we get to honor all the dads and father figures we know. But this holiday isn’t just for your dad—you may know someone who has just become a father or have a special male mentor who has guided you toward good decisions. For all these wonderful people, it’s worth going all out for a gift. When you give them something they can use and appreciate, they will be delighted. Here are some awesome gifts you can give this Father’s Day that have that “wow” factor.

Polo Shirts

When the heat is on, your dad wants to look good without sacrificing comfort. This is where men’s polo shirts come into play. While polos are easy to find in stores, it’s hard to find one that performs well in the heat. Pick one in a moisture-wicking and odor-control material like Pique, and he’ll surely be pleased!

When being outdoors in the heat is necessary for many summer activities, having a good-looking polo that keeps him dry, cool, and smelling good all day will make him happy. It’s a perfect shirt for any guy who likes to be outdoors and take his style up a notch. Wear it on the golf course, at a barbecue, company luncheon, or even casual Friday at work. It looks good anywhere and can be dressed up or down for fast summer fashion.

It’s also meaningful to provide accents to a polo gift to create a theme. For instance, if your dad loves to play golf, give him a box of his favorite brand of golf balls and a new golfing glove with the shirt. This will help him look forward to another game. He will also be happy you notice how much he loves to get out in the open green and unwind. The same principle applies to dads who like to play tennis, frisbee, and other sports that complement activewear like a Pique polo.

Pajamas & Robes

Comfortable clothing has gained a stronger hold in today’s fashion when it’s popular to work at home. Your dad will love a set of pajamas that ooze with comfort. Men’s loungewear like jersey and terry cloth pajamas also have a place for the man who goes to the office for work. Having a balance of professional and comfortable at-home clothes is vital to a sensible man’s wardrobe. By choosing pajamas made of quality, soft materials, your dad can look forward to his downtime. Pair this gift with something relaxing, like a gift card to a streaming subscription service, slippers, or a comfortable memory foam pillow. When you add this type of flair to a pajama gift, your dad will feel truly cared for.

Sport Coats and Blazers

Though men want to look good, they can sometimes skip the lengthy process of finding well-fitting men’s sport coats for work. But by going the extra step of ordering a blazer that is suited to his height and size, such as small, regular, and large, you aren’t just going by the typical number. You’re also paying attention to his size. This perfect fit will make him feel more confident whether he is at work or a fancy restaurant.

Here’s a bonus—the Comfort-First™ tailoring adds stretch to the blazer, making it even more comfortable and fitting. This coat moves with your dad and can blend well with work slacks, jeans, a polo, a button-up shirt, or men’s tie. Whether he dresses it up or down, he will be ready to look dashing anytime. If this is a gift for a new job or upcoming job interview, throw in a monogrammed pen or cufflinks for good measure.


In the modern wardrobe, nobody can have enough jeans. However, men’s jeans that fit are a whole other story. These unicorns are highly sought after. If your dad isn’t a fan of shopping, take a sneak peek into his closet, find out his size, and order a pair of jeans in his favorite style.

Does he like a relaxed fit, or is he into more trendy slim fits? With the option to select both waist and inseam, you can go beyond standard department store sizing and truly achieve the perfect fit. You can also get these jeans hemmed to be just the right length. As men get older, they want quality and a sure fit, so ask your dad how he likes his jeans and what he wishes he could get out of them. To make this gift really pop, include a comfortable Supima cotton top and leather belt.

These Father’s Day gifts are sure to please your dad and give him stylish options for work, play, and downtime.


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