Give Your Bathroom a New Look With the 2020 Pantone Color

Give Your Bathroom a New Look With the Pantone Color of 2020

Giving your bathroom a new look doesn’t mean you have to rip out the tile and paint the walls. It can be as easy as replacing a few bathroom essentials with new ones and adding a few items to your décor. When choosing what color or theme to go with, one tried-and-true way is to look at the Pantone Color of the Year, which sets trends in the world of fashion and home furnishings. That color for 2020 is classic blue, which Pantone says, “instills calm, confidence, and connection as it highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” Whether you’re more inspired by the poetic way Pantone describes it, or you simply like the color, here are five easy and affordable ways to refresh the look of your bathroom and stay on trend using the Pantone Color of 2020.

1. Replace Your Bathroom Rugs

New bathroom rugs or mats can really make an impact. Don’t just pick any bath mat or rug though. The fabric should be super soft under the feet. It should also absorb moisture and dry quickly. It helps if it has a grippy rubber bottom, too, to prevent it from sliding around on the bathroom floor and causing a trip hazard when you get out of the shower.

2. Show off a New Shower Curtain

A new shower curtain is a great way to create a new look for any bathroom, as it tends to attract attention and can be the focal point if it is in the right color. If you don’t want it to be the focus of your bathroom, use a clear one or one that’s the same color as your bathroom walls. In contrast, if you do want it to be the focal point of your bathroom, embrace the Pantone Color of the Year by going all blue or by choosing a pattern with subtle hints of blue.

Hang a New Picture

As classic blue is meant to evoke feelings of tranquility, you can’t go wrong with putting up water-inspired photos or paintings in your bathroom. There’s no need to overdo it either; one picture might be all you need, depending on the size of your bathroom. Just remember to hang it at eye level and be mindful of the frame you choose. Classic blue can look stunning when contrasted with a white or silver frame.

Invest in Some High-Quality Towels

While your shower curtain and bath rugs don’t have to match 100%, your bath towels should ideally match your bathroom rugs. If you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy, you can pick a neutral color like white, however. Again, keep quality at the top of your mind. Your towels should be made with high-quality cotton so they’re super soft and feel amazing on your skin. They are less likely to last more than a handful of washes and are more likely to shed and feel abrasive on the skin. Tip: Buying your bath towels and bath mats from the same brand will help ensure they are an exact color match.

Feel free to have some fun with the new color of the year! Find some kids towels in classic blue for the kids. There are some really cute ones out there to encourage them to wash their hands and face. You can even get monogrammed hand towels for them so they remember whose is whose.

Add Some Candles

For candle lovers, having a sconce on your bathroom wall is a convenient way to show off and enjoy a new color or fragrance. Candles are great tools for creating ambiance, whether you’re taking a relaxing bubble bath or you simply have company over and want to impress. You can even find flameless candles in a variety of colors if you’re worried you’ll forget to blow them out.

Choosing the color of the year for Pantone isn’t just a random process. It involves a lot of thought and analysis of trends around the world. Whether the decision on color is made in reverence to popular films, new technologies, or upcoming sporting events, it is meant to help us adapt to the world around us and inspire us. This year’s classic blue was chosen to help us feel protected in a world where technology is racing ahead of our ability to process it all. It is easily relatable, as it reminds us of the sky and the sea, and it promotes relaxation and tranquility. Embracing this color in your bathroom sets you up for countless peaceful bubble baths, not only in 2020 but for the years that follow.

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