Gifts That Will Live on Long after Christmas is Over

Gifts That Will Live On Long After Christmas is Over

Admittedly, holiday gift buying can sometimes be baffling. With so many people on your to-buy-for list, the challenge of finding gifts they will use and cherish throughout the year can be a bit daunting. We'll show you how to give gifts that will have them reflecting upon your thoughtfulness long after the holidays are over.

Coated in goodness.

When you give the gift of a warm winter coat, you are setting yourself up for a win. Selecting the right coat is easier than you might think. In fact, you can probably pick one they'll like by using just a few clues. Think of their personal style. What is their favorite color or if you are not sure, what color do you think might look good on them? Think of their lifestyle. What do they do on their days off? Do they have a pet? When it doubt, start with a Squall coat. Want to take it to the next level? Hide a little something extra in each pocket: a monogrammed scarf, a Lands' End gift card, a nice pair of gloves, a hat....Well, would you look at that? You just turned that coat into a gift basket.

Wow! Where'd You Get That Tote?

An iconic Lands’ End canvas tote is the perfect starter gift. On its own, they have a usable tool for life. But with a little extra thought, you’ll hit a home run. Suggest a use for the tote and have a word monogrammed to set the theme. A tote monogrammed “Dance Mom” for example, could be filled with tights, leotards, leg warmers, hair ties, bobby pins, hairspray, athletic slides, red lipstick, mascara, liquid eyeliner, ballet flats, and a good book for Mom to read while she waits for practice to end.

No Sweeter Than a Sweater.

There are times in life when a loved one just needs to feel special. For such occasions, you reserve cashmere. Find a box large enough to lay their cashmere sweater flat. Use double sided tape to gently hold it in place. Then set the sweater up to look like it is holding a few bonus items: a handwritten card with a heartfelt message written inside, a monogrammed scarf, tickets (movie, theater, sporting event, whatever they enjoy)...the possibilities are endless because everything goes well with Cashmere.

Happy Tears for a Turtleneck.

You don't want to buy anyone something that feels generic. A simple monogram takes something as everyday as a turtleneck and turns it into something cherished. Instead of monogramming it with her initials, monogram her turtleneck with the first letter of all of her kids’ names (max of ten). If you want to kick this gift up a notch, order a scarf, down vest, gloves, and hat to match.


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