Gifts for the Dad Who Wants Nothing

Gifts for the Dad Who Wants Nothing

What is it about dads who think they want nothing? Every time we have to find birthday gifts or Father’s Day gifts, or the holidays come around again, the eternal question also comes around again with them. Why does Dad think he wants nothing as a gift, and what on earth can I get him? The trick is, your dad may think he wants or need nothing, but chances are there is something out there in the world that will actually make your dad happy. Fair enough, he’s probably got loads of ties, tools, and sports memorabilia. But if we can think a little bit outside the box, perhaps we can indeed convince our old man that there is something out there that he does want after all. 

There are many kinds of dads out there who love and are passionate about different hobbies, interests, or anything else. Your dad may love to grill, and there could be a grill tool or kit he doesn’t have yet. He may love the classics and his vinyl collection, so gifting him your favorite album on vinyl for him to listen to will probably put a smile on his face. Dad could love getting active outdoors. Gifting him some cool adventure gear is a great way to encourage his hobby and remind him that he doesn’t actually have everything he needs. Maybe Dad is stylish and would appreciate well-made men’s dress shirts. Perhaps he loves history and would appreciate a great history book. Starting to think about what your dad enjoys will be helpful for finding him a gift that he’s sure to love. 

If you’re still stumped, we have some great ideas for you. We have focused on cool gadgets and other totally dad things to inspire you on great gifts you can give your dad. The nice thing about gadgets and other personalized items is that anything your dad already has is going to be more special when personalized, and every year, there are new gadgets being made. Whether it’s a new approach to a classic gadget or a totally new object, gadgets are always a great idea.  

Neck Massager

Chances are your dad sometimes feels stressed or has stiffness in his neck. If Dad spends a lot of time looking down at his phone, tablet, or computer, then he may be able to use something that will help soothe those neck muscles. Also, if he exercises a lot, sits at a desk all day, or does a lot of manual labor, he may deeply appreciate the relief a neck massager may offer him. Neck massagers are dandy little things that you easily wrap around your neck in such a way that they can rest on your shoulders. These powerful massagers are perfect for kneading out even the toughest of knots around the neck and shoulders. Some of them even come with a heat feature that enhances muscle relaxation.

Whereas Mom loves a gift card to the spa for a massage, Dad will surely love a gadget that does the job. Neck massagers are incredible tension soothers and stress busters that can help knead out knots and relieve migraines in a matter of minutes. If your dad could use a little R and R, then he’ll love an electric neck massager. These lovely little gadgets also offer a massage without the messy lubricating oils, meaning he can comfortably keep his men’s t-shirt on the whole time. 

Wireless Headphones

Whether it’s the oldies they listened to growing up, the classics of the rock and roll era, any of the new stuff off the charts, or just some good old jazz, dads tend to love music. If your dad loves listening to music, then he’s going to enjoy a good pair of wireless headphones. Go the extra mile and get him a pair that also cancels sound. Noise-canceling headphones are great for the dad who commutes, travels, works in a loud setting, or simply wants to sometimes shut out the noises of home. Noise-canceling and wireless headphones are made in many different designs and price ranges by many different brands. Choose a brand he loves or knows to get him even more excited about being able to blast Jimi Hendrix without anyone minding. 

If your dad is a runner or loves to work out, wireless headphones are definitely for him. Tangled wires and disconnected headphones will be a thing of the past. Wireless headphones allow you to work out without even noticing that you’re attached to something. He can keep his music device easily in the pocket of his men’s athletic shorts and his wireless headphones on his head without worrying about them getting disconnected or wiring getting snagged somewhere. Even if Dad doesn’t work out, keeping your music device in a pocket or backpack while seamlessly listening to music from it is a whole other level of freedom and sound that he is sure to love. 

Personalized Leather Wallet

Let’s move away from the gadgets and focus on the classics for a moment. Dads love leather. We don’t pretend to understand it, just like how we don’t pretend to understand why dads always say they want nothing for Christmas, but it seems to be a generally pervasive law of the universe. So, let’s take some classic leather gifts and make them even more special by personalizing them. Personalized gifts are always special, particularly for dads who like to really own something properly by having their name on it. Even if your dad already has a wallet, the great thing about wallets is you can always upgrade to a nicer one, or, get an extra wallet with a more specific purpose, like a card holder or bill holder. 

If you’re making the moves to upgrade your dad’s older leather wallet to something more snazzy, take some time to research some nice brands or companies that match your father’s taste. For example, one person’s dad may appreciate a niche designer leather wallet with gold engraved letters, where another person’s dad may be more aligned with a locally handmade leather wallet imprinted with dad’s initials. Consider your dad’s style and needs too. Does he like something he can easily slip into the pocket of his men’s jeans? Does he prefer dark leather or stressed leather? Does he prefer something more substantial to hold in his hands where he can also keep a passport or other bigger items if needed? Is he a black leather or brown leather kind of guy? Taking time to consider all of these questions will be infinitely valuable in helping you find the perfect personalized leather wallet for your dad that he will cherish for years to come. 

Smartwatches: Fitness Watches With all the Best Features

Now that we’ve covered some gadgets and some classics, let’s look at the combination of both. For some time now, tech companies and other innovators have been taking standard everyday objects and giving them a 21st-century twist. If there’s anything dads love, it’s classics and gadgets, so why not mesh them into one great gift idea? Our top pick for classic items gone high-tech is a smartwatch. Watches have been a timeless gift to give to the special men in our lives, and while traditional timepieces have their place and fine Swiss watches are always a classic, the smartwatch is the relatively recent watch innovation that has taken the watch world (and dads) by storm.

Get your dad his new favorite watch by gifting him a smartwatch. With it, he can not just tell time but also make calls, listen to music, read messages, check the weather, and even track his health and fitness information easily. Roll everything techy your dad loves into one with the perfect smartwatch gift he’ll be sure to get loads of use out of for years to come. 

Laptop Bag with External Charging and Theft Protection

Since we’re on the topic of traditional objects made bionic, let’s talk about the newest and coolest backpacks that are out there for you to gift your dad. Backpacks are just another one of those great gifts we give our dads. They love the straps, secret pockets, and cool features, not to mention being able to bring them everywhere—to the gym, to work, and especially while hiking. Gift your dad an extra special backpack this year that has a built-in kit to charge devices and protect against theft. Anti-theft backpacks come in many different styles and across a wide range of pricing, so find the fit that’s perfect for your dad. Look for backpacks that come with anti-theft technology like anti-slashing fabric, locked compartments, secure zippers, and tech that prevents thieves from reading important documents like credit cards and passports. If your dad travels for work, commutes, or even is just a bit of a tech geek, he is sure to appreciate this awesome backpack. 

In addition to all the anti-theft features, many backpacks these days also come equipped with a built-in USB charging port so that you never have to worry about dead batteries again. This can be really helpful if your dad travels or commutes for business, or also likes to hike and go on outdoor adventures where having a portable charger could be very handy. Once again, this classic-meets-gadget is sure to win your dad’s heart. 

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard for Phone and Tablet

Does your dad love his tablet and smartphone? Does he also have big thumbs and takes forever to type out an email? Well, then perhaps he would appreciate this nifty gift to make his device life easier. Foldable Bluetooth keyboards are a great gift to get, even for the dad who wants nothing. Made by many different manufacturers and coming in a variety of designs and colors, you are sure to find one that would fit your dad’s taste and aesthetic. They're perfect for rolling out when you’re in transit and need to write a quick email but using your fingers takes too long. These cool keyboards give you the ease and space of a proper keyboard without having to pull out your laptop. This keyboard easily folds down to the size of a smartphone to effortlessly transport in your bag, around different parts of the house, or while on the move. 

Especially when many of us are working from home, it’s nice to give your dad the option to move from his laptop and desk to the different parts of his home without missing a beat. These keyboards are also a great way to reduce desk clutter or help him set up shop somewhere other than the office. Answering emails, doing typing work, and replying to messages is made that much easier with a small portable keyboard. The Bluetooth function makes a foldable keyboard yet another wireless gem that your dad will be happy to add to his collection. Who knows? Maybe next time you see him, it will be neatly folded away in the breast pocket of his men’s button-down shirt with his smartphone and keys.

Getting gifts for the dad who wants nothing and says he doesn’t need anything is kind of an art. You want to think about the things your dad already loves, his hobbies, and his interests. Going from there, you can start by thinking about upgrading an already well-loved item he already has. An example of this is a personalized leather wallet, a high-tech backpack, or even just replacing some of his favorite shirts with newer ones. When considering giving your dad a gift based on his hobbies, think about the things he loves doing. If he’s into fitness, then perhaps a smartwatch or neck massager is for him. Next, it’s also great to consider his overall interests. If he loves music, then wireless headphones are a great option. If he loves to learn and read, consider gifting him a new bestselling book you love. When approaching what to get the dad who wants nothing from this angle, you’re sure to find something that he never knew he needed and that he will love for years to come.


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