Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything This Father's Day

Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything This Father's Day

Typical discussions about the stress of finding the perfect gift for someone often center around birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. On the contrary, they are not the only occasions marked by giving gifts. Two other such holidays are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. If your dad is a man who seems to have everything, and you don’t know what to get him—or he says he doesn’t need anything or wants you to surprise him—no worries. Rest assured, there are other gift options besides a soap on a rope, another tie, or a gift card. Read on for some suggestions for Father’s Day gifts for the dad who has everything.

Laptop Bag

Even the dad who has everything owns items that are worn out, dingy, or frayed. Take a look at some of the things your dad wears or uses on a daily basis, and see if you notice something that’s in need of replacement. For example, even a well-made laptop bag gets dirty and scuffed from frequent use, so it might be time to get your dad a new one. Look for a bag that not only has a padded sleeve to protect a laptop, but also an additional sleeve to safeguard a tablet.

The bag should also have a section with pockets to hold the various cords and chargers. You can even throw in a portable charger and cord. Given the increasing number of electronics people own, extra accessories will always come in handy.


If you’ve got a sibling or three, consider pooling your resources and getting your dad an experience he’ll appreciate. Package it up with something related for a Father’s Day gift he’s sure to appreciate. For example, get him a men’s T-shirt featuring his favorite band—along with tickets to an upcoming concert. Or you can get him a cap featuring his favorite professional sports team and a pair of tickets to a home game. Not only will your dad get to do something special, but if you’re planning on using the second ticket, you’ll be able to create some new memories with your dad.

Hobby Supplies

Does your dad have a favorite hobby? If so, consider a gift related to that. Upgrade his e-reader to the latest model or buy a new case for it. Add some components to his model train layout. Get a new set of poker chips for his weekly card game or check out the latest board game. If your dad is a grill expert, maybe he’ll appreciate some gourmet marinades or a set of oils, vinegars, and spices so he can create his own cuisine. Not sure exactly what to get? Consider a subscription box. From fly fishing to the latest tech gadgets, craft beer to small-batch coffee, and more, you’re sure to hit on something that will appeal.

Outdoor Furniture

If your dad is one of those men who enjoys being a couch potato and already has a comfy chair, inspire him to enjoy the backyard space with some outdoor furniture. Perhaps he’ll appreciate an Adirondack chair and footrest, along with a small side table on which to rest his water bottle and phone. Unless you’re smack-dab in an urban area, the chair will also be a great spot from which to relax and watch the occasional meteor shower. To keep you father warm on cooler nights while stargazing, gift him a personalized throw blanket. If nothing else, your father can toss it over the chair, thereby making it clear that the chair belongs to him.


Sometimes you just need to take an ordinary item and be creative. For example, if your dad likes to play golf or a team sport such as basketball or soccer, or he likes going to the gym to work out, give him a set of monogrammed hand towels. They’ll come in handy for wiping sweat off his hands and face or wiping down equipment. Plus, having the towels personalized will help ensure your dad doesn’t grab someone else’s towel and may help prevent another person from grabbing his.

Bow Tie and Cummerbund Set

If your dad finds himself attending more than one or two black-tie events a year, help him up his game by gifting him a bow tie and cummerbund set in any color except black. Sure, black is classic for a reason, but sometimes a different color or even a pattern can be suitable for a particular event. For extra flair, find a set that includes a coordinating pocket square. If you know your parent leans toward the traditional, opt for a set of cufflinks and studs instead.

Finding gifts for the dad who has everything this Father’s Day can be an exercise in frustration. However, with some creative thinking, you’re sure to come up with something your dad will love.


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