Best Christmas Household Gifts: Towels, Slippers, and More

The Best Household Gifts for the Holidays: Towels, Slippers, and More

One category of gifts that is often overlooked is that of household items. Yet those are the things people tend to need and use the most. It could be newlyweds who only have a small number of household essentials to start with, perhaps a family on a budget, or maybe a family who has just had items wear out. It happens!  Whatever the reason, a practical household item can make a great gift. But there are a few rules to follow. Here are our rules to follow when gifting useful and cool household items.

Make Sure It Is Good Quality

If you're going to gift someone a household item, make sure it is something special, like an ultra-plush bath towel, a robe, or a throw blanket. You can even monogram it to make it extra special. The key is to choose an item with a quality that stands above the competition. For example, someone moving into a new home may need new towels, but they may not feel like splurging on something of better quality. That's just one example of how the gift of a household item can really be appreciated. Another example might be a nice new luxurious bedding set. It’s not something people replace all of the time–but having a good quality one can make a huge difference in your quality of sleep and the look of your room.

Think Outside the Season

Maybe the person you intend to gift is planning a vacation somewhere tropical and warm. Or maybe you know that they simply enjoy going to the beach every summer. A personalized beach towel is a nice touch, not to mention incredibly handy when trying to find your spot at a crowded pool or beach. You could also snag them a swimsuit coverup, or a pair of board shorts. You can never have too many! Grab some other beach accessories such as sunscreen, some light reading, and flip-flops, and you've got yourself a very thoughtful yet affordable gift. 

Don't Forget About Outside the Home

Everything both inside and outside a home says a lot about the people who live there. Help the new homeowners or apartment dwellers in your life put a personal stamp on theirs with some outdoor household items. It could be something as little as a doormat or as big as an Adirondack chair for their porch. If you’re feeling confident that they’ll like it, you can even personalize gifts, like doormats. Just make sure it is their style and in a neutral color. If you aren’t sure, don’t personalize it, and keep that gift receipt handy too, just in case — especially if it is a larger purchase.

Make It Unique

Just because it is a "common" household item doesn't mean it can't be unique. For example, Supima cotton sheets are made with rare cotton found in only 3% of U.S. cotton crops. They make a great housewarming gift or even just a great overall gift for someone who lives for nap time. Super soft sheets make great household gifts for couples who might not have thought to buy luxury items for themselves in their new home together.

Appreciate Comfort

Having a pair of slippers ready next to the bed makes it a little bit easier to get up in the morning. Having an extra pair available around the house or when the dog eats them is even better. Plus, slippers and slipper socks are extra forgiving in terms of size, so you don't even need to know their exact shoe size in order to gift them. The theme here is comfort, whether it's a robe, pillow, blanket, pajamas, or anything that makes someone feel good.

Gift Baskets

Not sure what to get someone, or do you have too many ideas? Consider a household items gift basket. There are so many different themes for baskets that you can do. One example is a bathroom gift basket. Include two fluffy towels, a bath mat, some luxury soaps, candles, and you’re on your way! Another gift basket idea could be a kitchen gift basket. Throw in a personalized cutting board, a new knife set, with an apron and oven mitt set. Now you’re cooking!

Household gift baskets are not just for women—household items for men can be put in gift baskets too.   For example, do you have a grill king on your gifting list? Make him a gift basket with some grilling tools, good barbecue sauce, and an apron. If you want to get really creative, you could make a gift basket with just items for kids’ bedrooms (a monogrammed sleeping bag, a bolster pillow, and a piggy bank)–or even a pet gift basket for Fido (personalized dog bed, a jacket, treats, and a few toys.)

While you’re at it, don’t forget a cute basket to put it all in!  Canvas and wicker storage solutions available today are not only attractive but also practical and functional. And they're always in high demand. You can even monogram the basket for a special touch.  No more wasted wrapping paper– they’ll be able to use the basket for years to come!

Overall, keep in mind that household Christmas gifts should be of good quality: something the receiver would feel guilty splurging on if they bought it themselves. It should also be thoughtful and match their tastes or décor. If you're not quite sure of what styles or colors they like, stick with neutral tones. In short, don't rule out household items when gift-giving.


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