Unique Gifts for Grandparents

Unique Gifts for Grandparents

There's something special about shopping for the perfect gift for your grandparents. They're special people–you wouldn't be around without them, obviously–and they've provided you with everything from valuable life advice to special memories that you can share with your own children as they grow up. It makes sense that gifting something special to your grandparents is high on your list this year. If you're thinking in terms of comfort and practicality, then soft and warm clothes make a perfect choice. Here are some ideas that are sure to warm their hearts and bring smiles to their faces!

Surprise Them with a Stylish Vest

These days, vests are so much more than utilitarian garments. They're thoughtfully constructed with components that serve very specific purposes. Those filled with HyperDRY down are perfect for locking in body heat and keeping the wearer warm throughout the day. That's an especially important feature for elderly individuals. As people age, their metabolic rate slows down and their skin may become thinner. Both factors can account for that colder-than-usual sensation and might explain why they need to wear multiple layers during fall and winter. A soft down vest fits into almost any wardrobe beautifully. It traps heat between the garment and the body, thereby creating a blanket-like effect that wraps the person in pure, consistent, and reliable warmth, even in very cold conditions. These vests are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and lengths to suit everyone.

Soften Up with Some Fleece

Another option to help them stay toasty when it's brisk outside is an attractive fleece jacket. Available for both men and women, this style is a sensible choice for days that are chilly enough to warrant an extra layer, but not quite freezing enough to slip into a voluminous down topper. Fleece is a wonderful material for people of all ages, but your grandparents will appreciate the many factors that make it such a practical idea for wintertime. For example, it's lightweight, but it doesn't sacrifice warmth in the least. Its fibers repel moisture perfectly, too, which means if they're ever caught in a light sprinkle, they won't feel soaked. The material is highly breathable and flexible, and it pairs well with everything from their favorite jeans to soft everyday pants.

Get Cozy in Festive Pajamas

No question: It's festive pajama season! A set of matching pajamas is perfect, especially if they're spending the holiday with you and the entire family has plans to get all dressed up in their very best and most colorful PJs. These are great for those key moments that make the occasion so special, think opening gifts early in the morning, enjoying a filling lunch or dinner, cozying up by the fireplace and watching the snow fall in complete peace, and taking plenty of family photographs to capture everything for posterity. Grandma and grandpa will feel right at home in the cozy pairing! There are plenty of options, from soft flannel sets to long nightshirts to plush flannel bottoms. Simply put, they just feel great against the skin. For all that they do, your grandparents deserve to end each day in pure bliss and comfort–with a smile on their faces as they remember your thoughtful gift. And what better way to show off their festive side this season?

Make the Most of Holiday Sweater Season

When but now can your grandparents get all decked out in a fabulous Christmas sweater? If they love going all-out for the season in every way–singing carols, baking up a storm, and spending every moment with family–then there's no way they'll be anything but delighted when they unwrap a festive topper to round out the holiday. There are dozens of great styles available, including plush pullovers adorned with eye-catching decorations, like Christmas trees, snowflakes, wreaths, and piles of gifts. If your grandparent favors something equally festive but just a touch more understated, they might appreciate a cozy cardigan accented by tons of sparkly snowflakes.

Give the Gift of Flannel

It's simply impossible to resist the warmth of flannel shirts throughout winter. People of all ages love these practical tops, which are perfect to wear whether they're out and about or relaxing at home with the family. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, the timeless flannel top is a great choice for men and women alike. It's surprisingly versatile and layers well beneath a cozy coat. But it's also great to wear on its own or thrown over a long-sleeve top on days that don't quite call for anything heavier. Paired with jeans or corduroy pants, your grandma and grandpa will feel as warm and cozy as ever.


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