8 Gift Ideas That Tug at the Heartstrings

8 Gift Ideas That Tug at the Heartstrings

Whether you’ll be able to see friends and family members in person, or you need to send a gift to those you won’t see this year, these ideas for heartwarming gifts that will tug at the heartstrings are virtually limitless. The right gift shows you care, so get inspired by these ideas and get shopping!

Personalized Ornaments

No holiday is complete with decorations, and Christmas ornaments are a cherished part of many people’s decorating traditions. Take it a step further by having it personalized to make it extra special. Popular personalization options include names, initials, the year, or a special word or phrase. If you have a special date in mind, such as the day you met, consider that for the ornament. There are ornaments to fit everyone’s personality, from pet-related options to classic Christmas themes, so there’s truly something special for everyone on your list with this personalized gift.

DIY Spa Gift Baskets

When you put together a gift yourself, the recipient knows that you put your heart into it. Give a thoughtful (and cozy) gift this season by creating your own spa-themed gift basket the recipient can enjoy. Fill a basket with a plush robe, fleece-lined slippers, luxury bath products, and a scented candle or two. Write a special letter, note, or poem that lets the person know how special they are to you, and include it in the basket for the finishing touch on a heartfelt gift. You could even throw in some bath towels and flannel sheets if you want to go all out!

Personalized Photo Gifts

Photo gifts are a treasured idea - the person you care about can know at a glance how much you care. Choose a special photo of you with your friend and family member, then go as simple or as deluxe as you want. You can go the minimalist route and simply put the photo into a beautiful frame, or go all out with an item like a photo fleece throw blanket, puzzles, or wall art. Other great ideas for photo gifts include mugs, keychains, mousepads, pillow covers, plates, charms, personalized Christmas stockings, and phone cases. Just consider what the person you’re giving the gift to would use most, and make it custom with a sentimental photo.

Homemade Candles, Bath Products, or Food Gifts

Taking the time to make a gift shows that you are really putting your heart and soul into it. When you give a handmade gift, the recipient knows that you took the time to make something special, and it can warm the heart. Your gift of time and the effort you put into making the items can be a gift in and of itself. Even if you’ve never tried your hand at homemade gifts, there are many online tutorials you can turn to for help. Some kits have all the items you need to make homemade gifts, so you don’t have to be a craft or cooking expert to do it. Consider anything from homemade soap or dipped candles to cute food-in-a-jar gifts for that ideal present. Be sure to include a label and a special message to make it memorable.

Give the Gift of Your Time and Talent

One of the most creative and memorable gifts you can give someone this season is the gift of your time and talent. Create a virtual or physical card that will award friends or family members a certain amount of time for something you are uniquely good at. Are you an excellent photographer? Gift a photo session complete with editing. Have a knack for creating websites? Help them set up that hobby website they’ve been dreaming of. Have a great fashion sense to put together fabulous outfits? Offer your services as a personal shopper to a special friend or family member. Can you scuba dive like nobody’s business? Give the gift of a lesson or two. No matter what talents you have, you can give them to friends and family members, and they’ll know that it truly came from the heart.

Personalized Playlists

With all the streaming music out there, it can take time to go through and find great songs to love. Give someone a special gift this season by putting together a playlist with incredible songs from music genres they love. You can also add any songs that might have a special meaning to the two of you. Not only does this gift really come from the heart, but it’s also inexpensive so it can help you stay within your budget.

A Virtual Class

If there’s something that you know a friend or family member has been itching to try, whether it’s a cooking class or an art session, consider gifting them a virtual class or lesson. Knowing that you listened to what they were wanting to learn or do will mean a lot to the recipient.

Message Jars or Inspiration Books

If you want a gift that will tug at anyone’s heartstrings, consider making a message jar or inspiration book for the person. These are simply places where you put special messages for the person to view each day, to help inspire them and keep them going year-round. It can be anything your heart tells you, from famous quotes to original poems to inside jokes.

Gifts That Truly Come From the Heart

When you put a little thought and creative effort into a holiday gift, the sky’s the limit. Remember to keep in mind the person’s preferences and interests. Use one of these ideas or get inspired for your own unique efforts.


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