Gift Guide 2023 for Your Brother(s)

Gift Guide 2023 for Your Brother(s)

You’re shopping for your brother(s)? Fun! Lands’ End has you covered with everything your brother could want. Let’s look at some great options to keep him comfy and stylish this year.

Handy Hoodies

When in doubt… buy him a hoodie! Everyone loves a men’s hoodie. They are comfy, stylish, and warm — in other words, the perfect holiday gift. Start with his current size (ask if you’re not positive), his favorite colors, and his favorite sports teams. Neutrals like black, grey, and white are also good choices. Even if he already has a hoodie collection, chances are he will enjoy a new one.

Hoodies are also a natural part of a workout outfit. If he enjoys going to the gym (or just hanging out and being comfy), consider new joggers and a workout shirt. Even new sports socks can be a nice add-on gift to a hoodie. If he likes to work out in winter weather, consider merino wool socks to keep him warm and wick away moisture.

Matching Flannels

Men’s flannel clothing is the perfect winter gift. From flannel shirts to flannel-lined jeans, if you want to keep your brother cozy, buy him flannel. Of course, a great look for holiday photos is matching flannel, so you will need to get some flannel, too. Score! Red and black plaid is a classic holiday choice, but any matching neutral or bright would be fun. Think about what colors you all like and what everyone else is likely to wear, and then order flannel for the whole family.

Another fun idea is family pajamas. This can be a cute and cozy look for Christmas morning. Give everyone new pajamas on Christmas Eve, and you’ll be all set for fun photos over breakfast or while the crew is opening gifts around the tree. If he will be far away this holiday season, schedule a family video call or have everyone take pajama selfies to share. Flannel sheets are a cozy choice for the whole family. If you are hosting the holidays in your home this year, give your loved ones the gift of oh-so-soft flannel to fall into at the end of the day.

Fun Fleece

Everyone loves a men’s fleece jacket for the holidays. In addition to being cozy and stylish, it’s one of the most practical wardrobe pieces your brother can have at the ready. A fleece jacket will take him from early fall to mild winter days, and then he can layer it under his winter coat for a full winter experience. Fleece vests are also a great extra layer when the weather changes. When spring approaches (or if he just wants a cozy layer to wear indoors), he’ll grab his favorite fleece for that, too.

Hats and Gloves

Hats and gloves make great gifts for brothers. It’s easy to plan to buy a new jacket or winter coat but not think about whether a new pair of gloves or a new hat would be nice. A high-quality pair of men’s gloves and a hat are gifts that will keep him warm and cozy all winter long. He’ll appreciate your gift whenever he goes out into the winter cold. If he lives in a cold climate or enjoys winter sports, gloves with a waterproof shell are a great idea. You have to stay dry to stay warm.

When buying hats and gloves, keep sizes, his lifestyle, and the rest of his outerwear wardrobe in mind. If he loves casualwear and outdoor activities, a beanie can be a great hat, as it will give him the insulation he needs and still fit easily underneath the hood of his parka. Gloves and hats should match the casualness or formality of the jacket or coat he is likely to wear. A down parka will work just right with well-insulated nylon gloves. A wool or camelhair coat will require sharp-looking men’s leather gloves.

Pet Gifts

Does your brother have a furry friend? If so, Lands’ End has plenty of gift ideas for them. We have everything from dog beds to cat towers to toys and treats. A new dog coat is the perfect gift to keep his furry friend cute and comfy on winter walks.

Consider customizing pet gifts, too. By adding his pet’s name or something fun like “Woof,” “Meow,” or “Bad to the Bone” to a pet gift, you can make it extra fun. If he doesn’t already have a pet feeding station, help him set one up. Designated pet food, water bowls, and a pet placemat (our furry friends can be messy!) can be great choices in a corner of his kitchen.

With some planning, you will find the perfect gifts for your brother(s) at Lands’ End. Enjoy a warm and wonderful holiday season together!


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