Gift Guide 2023 for Sports Enthusiasts/Active Friends and Family

Gift Guide 2023 for Sports Enthusiasts/Active Friends and Family

If you are shopping for the sports enthusiasts and active friends and family on your list, Lands' End is the perfect destination. Let's look at some great gear for the athletes and sports fans in your life.

Layer Up!

If your friends and family like winter sports, our awesome layering options keep them cozy and in the game all winter long. For outdoor sports (or just playing in the snow or spending time in the great outdoors), start with innerwear. Our men's long johns are the first step in keeping him comfy no matter how low the mercury drops. Our women's thermals are a great option for her. From classic silk to high tech fabrics, these long johns are a true advancement in insulation from the winter cold. Their fabrics will breathe while creating a warm layer of air next to your skin. Next up, go for pants and tops that allow for ease of movement and layering under a parka or snow pants. Top it off with high-quality winter boots, a hat, and gloves.

Outstanding Outerwear

If they like playing or watching sports in the snow, consider a waterproof shell for all their winter coats, snow pants, and gloves. Staying dry is the first step in staying warm. When shopping for outerwear, keep both the activities your friends and families love and the weather they will encounter in mind. Our jackets and parkas are temperature rated to make it easy to choose the right ones for the job. At Lands' End, we know the difference between "chilly" and full-on Wisconsin winter, and we can dress you right for either one.

Down is a great choice for the active friends and family on your gift list, as it is warm and lightweight. Because down coats are filled with soft and warm under feathers from ducks or geese, it is a fantastic insulator. The loft (or fluffiness) of down creates thousands of tiny air pockets which trap warm air and retain heat. For friends and family in warmer climates who travel to colder climates, consider packable down jackets and coats. They can be stashed in a backpack or carry-on until needed.

Awesome Activewear

Whether your friends and family work out like clockwork or enjoy hanging out in their workout wear, we'll keep them cozy. From comfy cotton to high-tech moisture-wicking fabrics, we've got workout shirts, shorts, joggers, and jackets they need.

Consider the favorite past times of your friends and family as every activity has its required wear, from workout tops, women's yoga pants, and bare feet for the yoga enthusiasts to the sneaker, shorts, and tanks that will have them tearing down the court. If they prefer to enjoy their games from the sofa, keep fabrics like fleece in mind for maximum comfort. Start with what they have and like and add to that for the best results. Do they have favorite brands, colors, or fabrics?

Backpacks and Bags

We've got you covered whether they need a bag to take to the gym, school, or work. When choosing a backpack for a sports enthusiast, consider what they will be carrying. Will this be a basic gym bag with sneakers, a change of clothes, and a water bottle? Perhaps they need a spectator sport backpack with room for a stadium blanket or two. Always err on giving them a little more space in their new backpack than you think they might need.

Lands' End backpacks and bags are rugged enough to stand up to almost anything yet designed with ease of use in mind. They have zippered pockets right where you need them for anything from your phone or keys to a water bottle to space for a laptop. Students and businesspeople alike use them as their everyday bags. Whether you need to keep your electronics safe or your sneakers at the ready (or both), we've got you covered.

Show Off Their Team Colors

Make their favorite team part of the holiday festivities by honoring their favorite school and team colors. Why not buy them a cozy fleece throw in the team's color? Making or buying Christmas tree decorations that honor teams and schools can be fun — and promote those fun team rivalries, too.

If your crew is going to any live football games, ensure they are good to go with blankets, boots, hats, and gloves. The fourth quarter of a football game is much more fun when everyone is warm and cozy!

Have fun choosing great gifts for all sports enthusiasts, active friends, and family on your gift list. Have a warm and wonderful holiday together!


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