Guide for Social Distancing

Gift Guide for Social Distancing

With the coronavirus outbreak forcing us to self-quarantine for our safety and the safety of others, many events are being postponed or canceled altogether. This is a difficult time of adjustment for everyone, but especially for children celebrating birthdays, first-time mothers who can’t have traditional baby showers, college and high school graduates, retirees ... the list goes on. Moments that have long been celebrated in life now have to be looked at from a different angle. We need to ask ourselves, “How can I make that person feel special, while also making sure we stay safe?” As such, people are finding creative ideas for gifting during this difficult time — ideas that are sometimes even more meaningful to the recipient than they would have been pre-coronavirus. Keep these tips in mind if you’re looking to gift something special to someone while social distancing.

For the Expecting Parent

It’s a real letdown for first-time moms who can’t experience a traditional baby shower with friends and family. But there are still ways to celebrate this milestone moment with her. Many websites make it easy to gift a mom-to-be without having a baby registry in hand. Think of some things that you wouldn’t mind receiving if you had a newborn in your life. Whether it’s a nice soft monogrammed blanket for the baby or a care package for mom with candles and her favorite items, showing you remembered and that you’re thinking about her can go a long way.

For Dad

Whether you see your dad on Father’s Day or decide to wait for a safer time, you can still make sure he gets a Father’s Day gift on his special day. Drop off or send him some grilling accessories, cigars, a new chair for his patio, a new book ... anything you think will help him enjoy his day despite not being able to see his family. A video call or handmade card can also make a great impression.

For the Graduate

Graduation parties are popular in June and July as people like to hold outdoor barbecues and invite friends and family over to celebrate. Those parties are going to be a lot smaller this year, making it difficult for graduates to feel a real sense of accomplishment before moving onto the next chapter in their lives. Help give them a sense of closure with a gift that brings them forward like a computer backpack or tech bag. Each of these makes an excellent gift for someone moving on to college or a new job.

For the Bride and Groom

Lots of weddings are still going on as planned, even though receptions are being canceled. That means no first dance, no bouquet toss, no late-night dancing. Sometimes putting humor into a situation can make it more tolerable. Opting for a personalized wedding gift can help you do just that. For example, you could find a picture of the happy couple, Photoshop your face into the picture, and put it into a personalized frame. On a more serious note, particularly if you don’t know them well enough to joke around, check out the couple’s wedding registry and choose a gift to be shipped directly to their address.

Something Handmade – For Any Occasion

Without the ability to go to the gym, go out to eat with friends, or even go to work, lots of people have found extra time on their hands while social distancing. This time has allowed them to take up new hobbies and reconnect with old ones, such as painting, knitting, playing instruments, and baking. This allows time for them to make something meaningful and memorable, whether it be a blanket, painting, picture frame, or batch of cookies. If you have some time on your hands — even if you don’t have any official hobbies — consider visiting the website of your local craft store for some ideas for handmade gifts and crafts. Many are offering curbside pickup or delivery, allowing you to continue social distancing. It is a great way to kill some time if you’re bored, and also makes a great, meaningful gift.

Adjusting to a “new normal,” whether temporary or long-term, isn’t always easy. While you may not think anything of the fact that someone has to skip a birthday milestone or wedding reception, these are things that people may have been looking forward to their entire lives. When they don’t go as planned, helping them through this time with a positive attitude can be the biggest gift of all.


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