Gift Guide 2023 for Your Significant Other

Gift Guide 2023 for Your Significant Other

Finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be a tricky task. Maybe you’ve exhausted all of the great ideas you’ve had over the years, or you’ve asked them for ideas, and they’ve come back with nothing to go on. Whatever your situation, you may find that you need a little help in the holiday gifting department. But what can you do when you want to give them something special and unforgettable — but can’t exactly figure out what that is?

This gift guide is designed to help you narrow down your options to the fun, the stylish, the practical, and the comfortable. In other words, these are gift ideas your significant other may be able to use, both during the holiday season and beyond. From gifts for the home to those for their closets, you’ll find everything that you need to make their season bright this year.

Travel Essentials

If you two are bitten by wanderlust, you know just how appealing it can be to stash a few things in a bag and take off for the weekend. Maybe you’re both known in your circle of friends as the adventurous duo who never says no to a new exploration or a chance to visit an exciting new destination. If any of this describes you and your significant other, something tailored to that love of travel makes a fantastic gift idea.

Fortunately, there are some outstanding travel accessories out there, from handsome toiletry bags to cute zippered pouches great for storing small odds and ends. If they could benefit from something more spacious, how about a solid weekender bag that offers enough room for everything they want to take on the go? Other great ideas include packing cubes, neck pillows, and throw blankets they can toss in their carry-on for chilly flights.

Something Yummy

For the foodie in your life, nothing says “success” quite like a food-themed gift! You’ve got plenty of options where those are concerned. Odds are you’re quite aware of what they love to eat, so you can feel confident in your choice, whether it’s a box of their favorite chocolates or a loaf of their favorite bread from a far-flung bakery halfway across the world. You’ll go to all lengths to make sure they have just what they crave.

You can also have some extra fun with it by putting together a food gift basket filled to the brim with their favorite, most delicious treats — or items that you’re pretty sure they’ll love. Choose from all kinds of additions, ranging from savory meats and cheeses to pastries and loaf cakes. Add a bottle of wine to make it a tasting session for two, and enjoy a romantic evening together.

Personalized Gifts

When you take the extra step to make a gift more personal, it shows. There’s no denying the thoughtfulness of giving them something beautiful and well-made that also happens to be monogrammed with their initials or name. This could be virtually anything, from a tote bag they’ll carry every day of the year to a jacket that they’ll pull out at the first sign of a cool breeze.

Personalized gifts are memorable gifts, and that’s a big reason why they’re such a good choice for people in relationships to give to one another. You could have the item of choice customized with an important date, like the anniversary of a first experience together or your wedding date, or simply your initials.

Festive Treats

If you two are all about the holiday season, it makes sense to make the season even brighter and more memorable by gifting them something they can use throughout the rest of the month and into the new year. You could even surprise them a few days before Christmas to ensure that your gift gets plenty of mileage when it matters the most. A wreath is a gorgeous gift they may want to hang on the front door or use to decorate a wall inside the house well before Christmas, for example.

Could you two do with some new needlepoint Christmas stockings? With so many beautiful, elegant, and richly designed options available, your biggest problem may be selecting precisely the right style to give your special someone. Monogram it with their name, choose one for yourself and the family pet or any other members in the home, and make it a complete set that is sure to warm their hearts.

Cozy Bedding

The most comfortable moments of all are spent in cozy solitude with one another, reflecting on the year gone by and all that’s to come in the months and years ahead. The holiday season offers those quiet moments of reflection in droves — and what better way to take advantage than with some cozy bedding for the two of you to share?

You can never go wrong with blankets and throws, as you can use these both for the bed and to wrap around yourselves while enjoying movie night on a snowy evening. There’s nothing like those joy-filled nights spent with one another, relaxing and enjoying one another’s company while catching up on a favorite show or watching a film, oblivious to the world outside. Add a soft blanket to the festivities, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate gift.


Life is so much better with your significant other by your side. Giving them a thoughtful gift allows you an extra opportunity to let them know just how much they mean to you. What better way to celebrate the holiday season?


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